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Small Recyclable 38/400 9mL Glass Jars

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Clear - EBJCR9 | White - EBJCR9W-120 | Black - EBJCR9B | Black w/ Metallized Interior - EBJCR9B


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Clear, White, Black


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Our 38/400 small glass jars are some of the best jars we have in our collection of sustainable products. Whether you are storing cosmetics or any other concentrated item, these containers are the ideal glass storage option. The 9mL small glass jars are perfect for small sample portions or a convenient storage container for when you are on the go. There is nothing better than having everything organized the way you want it; with our jars, you can do that and then some. If you need wholesale jars, we have a fantastic selection as well as fantastic wholesale prices.

When you purchase glass jars from us, you are not simply getting any old glass jars. You are getting a sustainable product that ensures the safety of your goods while also keeping the planet safe from wasteful packaging. Not only that, our 9mL glass jars are 100% recyclable. As long as you clean out the excess contents before recycling, you are all good to place in a proper recycling receptacle. You will love having recyclable 9mL small glass jars in your inventory; they are aesthetically pleasing and highly convenient. In addition, our team makes a solid effort to make sure that our products, like our small 9mL glass jars, are accredited with all child-resistant rules and regulations. While itis no secret that there are tons of places that could sell you small glass jars, our team can provide you with 9ml small glass cream jars in bulk at a significantly lower rate than any of our competitors.

Child-Resistant 9mL Small Glass Jars

Although nothing is ever really “child-proof,” our child-proof 9mL small glass jars come pretty darn close when it comes to keeping your goods out of the hands of little ones. Our child-resistant packaging is top of the line when it comes to locking in your items while also thwarting the kids' plans on getting into your storage container. We can assure you that our CR 9mL small glass jars are perfect for your items whether you are storing cosmetics or skincare products; our jars significantly protect them. Best of all, our selection of child-resistant jars is entirely compatible with all child-resistant caps, so when you purchase our jars, you will have a child-resistant cap to accompany your container.

38/400 9mL Small Glass Jars

The small glass jars we show off on our site are by far some of the best jars you will ever come across. These sampled size small glass jars are the perfect packaging alternative if you want to avoid any shattering or breakage upon transit due to their extreme durability. We go to great lengths to provide you with an environmentally sound product that you can rely on. That is why, when you buy wholesale 9mL small glass jars, you can trust that you have products that your customers will love and use for generations to come.

Clear 9mL Small Glass Jars

If you are looking to add some transparent aesthetics to your establishment, our clear 9mL small glass jars got you covered. Your customers can enjoy a beautiful display of items inside these clear jars that gives them a transparent view of what is inside each package. With recyclable packaging like this, why would anyone want to go back to the ways of old wasteful packaging? We offer some of the best prices for 9mL small glass jars in bulk that the other guys cannot beat.

Black 9mL Small Glass Jars

Enjoy UV ray protection and a great design with our black 9mL small glass jars. If you are storing any cosmetics or skincare products, sometimes those need to be away from harsh UV rays and must be temperature controlled. With our glass jars, you can safely store your products inside without the fear of UV lights penetrating the class due to their black exterior. Fill our empty 9mL small glass jars with any concentrated items, and we can assure you that the contents will be kept safe and secure from any outside elements.

White 9mL Small Glass Jars

If black is not the color you want to go for in your business, we also carry a white colorway for our 9mL small glass jars. Your concentrated goods will still be kept in pristine condition and shielded from harsh rays. With the white colorway, you are not only getting great recyclable packaging, but we are also providing you with an elegant look to add to your brand. We have excellent deals on 9ml small glass cosmetics jars in bulk that you will not be able to pass up. Our website is filled with a wide variety of packaging that will surely pique your interest.


While we carry a massive selection of jars and recyclable packaging items, we pride ourselves on our custom packaging options. Our highly talented design team goes the extra mile to ensure that your brand’s vision is brought to life. You can sport a cool brand logo on your packaging when you purchase your items from us; whatever you have in mind, we can make it a reality. If you need to customize your packaging, our team’s got your back.

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