from our warehouse

Green Earth Packaging ships to any location worldwide. We work with different shipping partners to deliver our products. Orders can take one to six estimated business days in transit depending on where the delivery is shipping to.

cut-off time

  • The official cut-off time for 1 business day delivery is 1:30 pm PST. If you have any questions or concerns about 1 business day delivery, please contact Customer Service.
  • Orders are handled before 1:30 pm will be handed off to our shipping partners (UPS, USPS, and LTL Freight), but we cannot guarantee their 1 business day delivery due to possible unforeseen circumstances.


shipping policies

  • The Estimated Time of Arrival does not guarantee the order will arrive on the specified date. If guaranteed shipping is needed, please contact Customer Service for a request.
  • Delivery service to some remote areas may also require additional delivery days.
  • If there is a failed attempted delivery on or before the Estimated Time of Arrival date, then the customer should expect delays and a new re-delivery date.
  • Freight: The order may be shipped either small parcel carrier or by freight depending on the size and fragility of the contents.


  • The guarantee does not apply if we miss our promised delivery date because of an unforeseen circumstance outside of our control, such as a work strike, natural disaster, scheduled special events, severe winter storm, or inaccurate delivery scans.
  • An attempted delivery on or before the guaranteed delivery date meets our delivery guarantee.
  • An offer by the carrier of a delivery appointment on or before the guaranteed delivery date meets our delivery guarantee.
  • Guaranteed service is not available in all areas.


to your doorstep

Customers can change their shipping address after an order has been placed but will be subject to a modification fee. Please view our terms and conditions for our detailed return policies on your Green Earth Packaging products.

shipping increase

Many shipping ports are experiencing a build-up of backorders due to the pandemic and global supply chain disruptions. The large increase in demand, along with a lack of supply caused the cost of freighting cargo containers to increase.

Many countries affected by the pandemic are still experiencing shutdowns that are restricting shipping efficiency.