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Small Recyclable 28/400 5mL Glass Jars

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Clear - EBJCR5 | White - EBJCR5W | Black w/ Metallized Interior - EBJCR5B


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Clear, White, Black


Soda Lime Glass


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Small recyclable glass jars are a staple in product packaging. Numerous companies from various industries appreciate the compactness and versatility of these vessels. Additionally, since they are sustainable products, they go a long way in helping to conserve the environment. Purchasing small wholesale jars from our store provides you with a wide selection of excellent products.

With the trading market growing by the day, demand for small glass jars has soared over the last few years. Not only do businesses seek these packaging items for their versatility, but also their aesthetic, practical, sustainable designs. Our store provides a considerable selection of high-quality small glass jars with features that make them functional in several industries.

Since there are numerous packaging options on the market, business owners must select the best option available. For this reason, companies ought to adopt recyclable packaging to reduce their impact on the environment. All the empty 5mL small glass jars in our store are created with sustainability in mind. Hence, the materials used to fabricate the products make them reusable and recyclable.

Although producing recyclable 5mL small glass jars may be a step in improving sustainability, it's only scratching the surface of what's possible. Hence, our store goes a step further in ensuring that our products don't contain Bisphenol A (BPA) and are cruelty-free.

Child-Resistant 5mL Small Glass Jars

Since there are plenty of uses for small recyclable glass jars, child-resistant packaging is perhaps the most sought-after type of product in this category. These packaging items prevent the exposure of potentially harmful contents to children. The child-proof 5mL small glass jars in our store are compatible with child-resistant caps; thus, parents can be assured of their child's safety.

The small glass jars in our store are reusable, allowing you to keep using them over a prolonged period. Therefore, you can use our CR 5mL small glass jars to store spices, cosmetics, ointments, ather other substances without the risk of putting your toddlers in danger.

28/400 5mL Small Glass Jars

5mL glass jars have slowly risen to popularity over the years. Although most of this newfound fame is a result of the jars' compact and aesthetic nature, 5mL small glass jars are also known for being incredibly versatile. The small jars found in our store can serve numerous purposes at both small and large-scale operations. The list of uses is virtually endless, from packaging cosmetic products to storing homemade spices.

Our store has a variety of 28/400 5mL glass jars with the same neck size. Hence, there's no need to get different cup sizes when purchasing 5mL small glass cosmetic jars in bulk.

Clear 5mL Small Glass Jars

Clear 28/400 small glass jars are arguably the most prevalent small glass jars in the market. They are made from soda-lime glass, making them exceptionally light and portable. Moreover, the glass is stable and chemically-friendly, making them suitable for packaging numerous products. The small glass jars found in our store are also airtight, ensuring the safety of perishable products.

Additionally, regulations on environmental safety are likely to get more challenging as our ecosystem deteriorates. Fortunately, businesses seeking recyclable packaging products need not look further. Our products are made purely from natural raw materials that are completely recyclable.

Black 5mL Small Glass Jars

Another popular variant of small glass jars is the black 5mL small glass jar. What's great about these products is they have metalized interiors. Not only does this improve the durability of the glass jars, but it also increases their versatility. Black 5mL small glass jars can store substances that may degrade due to light exposure, making them a linchpin in the medical field.

With more functionality comes more demand; therefore, getting wholesale 5mL small glass jars is the best way to go. Additionally, you also stand to save money and time when purchasing products in bulk.

White 5mL Small Glass Jars

White 5mL small glass jars are excellent for packaging cosmetic products, especially clean ones that want to exude an organic, modern vibe. Their thin white lining helps prevent loss of quality, as well. You can find a wide selection of 5mL small glass cream jars in bulk in our store for packaging everything from cream eyeliners to cuticle creams.

The best thing about purchasing 5mL small glass jars in bulk from us is that they come with a slew of safety certifications (child-resistance and food safety, for some examples) that can increase customer loyalty and trust in your brand.


Our store also provides perks such as custom packaging for companies that want to stand out. The 5mL glass jars in our shop are easily customizable to match your themes. Moreover, with a base diameter of 35 millimeters and a height of 25 millimeters, our 5mL small glass jars have enough space to fit the brand design of your business. The caps can also be used for labeling and branding since they have a total diameter of 28 millimeters.

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