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Child Resistant Push & Turn Flat Smooth Matte Plastic 53/400 Lids w/ Liner

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Child Resistant
White - PJCR1T6-WCAP | Black - PJCR1T6-BCAP


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The 53/400 lids fit any containers with 53mm openings and 400 cap threading. This allows for a myriad of possibilities that your company can use these lids for! You can fit many jar sizes, colors, and materials to these lids, making them the perfect caps for any 53/400 bottoms. As the volume of the jar grows, so do the product options. As a bonus, our liners protect against liquid products leaking, and the lids’ smooth finish makes grip easier. Your customers simply have to push and turn the cap to access their products.

Consumers today want recyclable packaging that fits their eco-friendly lifestyle, and these 53/400 caps are perfect for them! The recyclable flat matte 53/400 cap with liner can be recycled like your customers would recycle any plastic; they simply have to follow the recycling guidelines their neighborhood uses! We highly recommend that these recyclable caps are paired with recyclable jars. This makes the entire package environmentally responsible and will attract customers even more.

Child Resistant Flat Matte 53/400 Cap with Liner

When you choose these jar lids for your product, you get amazing child-resistant closures! No business can offer a 100% child-proof flat matte 53/400 cap with liner, but our lids’ child resistance comes pretty close.

When your business purchases our CR flat matte 53/400 cap with liner, you can be confident that a third party has tested, verified, and certified that we are compliant with child-resistant standards. We know that many products might be harmful to small children, and our 53/400 caps offer a solid protective barrier.

Flat Matte Black 53/400 Cap with Liner

The flat matte 53/400 cap with liner comes in two colors – the first is a striking black. The true black flat matte 53/400 lid with liner appeals to several customer groups. Black appeals to customers looking for modern products.

The black flat matte plastic 53/400 cap with liner also offers a casual look that attracts customers who value discreet and understated packaging. Your business can pair the black lids with multiple colors of wholesale jars; clear or black jars give packaging a cohesive look, while colored jars give packaging a dynamic look.

Flat Matte White 53/400 Cap with Liner

The second color for the flat matte 53/400 jar lid with liner is white. White is simple and classic; when paired with a glass or clear plastic jar, this allows your products to pop. We offer wholesale flat matte 53/400 caps with liner, so your company can purchase affordable lids in the amount you need. We know that it is essential to order flat matte 53/400 caps with liner in bulk so product rollout can go smoothly and you will have the right amount of caps needed. Both our white and black lids are available to be ordered in bulk!


Custom caps are the perfect way to elevate your brand, and we are the ideal place to help with that. When your business chooses custom packaging, you have our talented team of designers behind you to create the perfect branding for your company! We know that you might already have your perfect label, and we can print whatever you would like on these caps. Customization also becomes more profitable for brands; it helps lower inventory costs while building a more extensive customer base. Let us know how we can help create the perfect branding for your business!

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