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Child Resistant Push & Turn Arched Smooth Matte Plastic 53/400 Lids w/ Liner

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Child Resistant
White - PJCR1T6-RD-WCAP | Black - PJCR1T6-RD-BCAP


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Child Resistant



White, Black

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PE Foam


Polypropylene (PP) Plastic


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The global market for retail e-commerce products continues to soar. The growth has been influenced by the spread of the internet and smartphone use. Hence, consumers are finding it easy to buy products online. Consequently, the demand for packaging items has increased exponentially.

Nowadays, most people use products such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals on the go. Manufacturers are now creating packaging items that are sleek, portable, and convenient to meet this need. Jars have become indispensable packaging items to many businesses. They can hold a considerable amount of products compared to other packagings. Using the correct lids for your containers is paramount as it can increase the shelflife of the stored items.

Although lids are usually not given much attention, they play a significant role in packaging. Choosing the right caps for your business can be the difference between achieving long-term success or closing your venture. Therefore, ensure you are meticulous when selecting the particular plastic lids you want to use to package your items.

Sustainability has now become an essential subject in the packaging industry. It simply refers to meeting current needs without compromising or causing a negative ecological impact. Many businesses have now started to adopt various ways to promote this good cause. For many years, the production of packaging items that are not eco-friendly caused adverse effects on the environment. These actions called for the adaption and use of recyclable packaging items to help conserve the environment.

All the products available in our store, including the recyclable round matte 53 400 cap with liner, are safe for the environment. Our packaging items are also duly certified and approved by the

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Not only does this guarantee safety, but it also ensures that every company purchasing our product remains compliant.

Child Resistant Round Matte 53 400 Cap With Liner

Different products like cosmetics, medicine, and household items can potentially cause significant harm to consumers at home. This is especially so when children access these products. Child-resistant packaging has helped reduce accident cases from children ingesting harmful products.

Our child-proof round matte 53 400 cap with liner are exceptional caps that can prevent children from reaching the stored content. The jar lids have a push-and-turn mechanism that locks the cover in place. Our CR round matte 53 400 cap with liner are simple to operate and can be used in numerous settings.

Round Matte Black 53 400 Cap With Liner

A style that has been trending in the packaging industry is matte finishing on storage items. Our round matte 53 400 cap with liner are aesthetically crafted. Thus, they are very appealing when used with storage containers.

Considering the appealing nature of our round matte plastic 53 400 cap with liner, using them would help attract potential customers. Ultimately, this would increase sales in your company. Thus, a good combination when buying wholesale jars is including a round matte 53 400 lid with liner in your order.

Since our company focuses on providing sustainable packaging items, consumers can reuse our caps multiple times. This helps mitigate pollution in the environment while still providing quality packaging products to businesses and consumers.

Round Matte White 53 400 Cap With Liner

You can also get a white round matte 53 400 jar lid with liner in our store that are equally appealing and functional. All the items on our store have been thoughtfully priced to ensure businesses can purchase them regardless of their size. Hence, buying our round matte 53 400 caps with liner in bulk would be very convenient.

Our wholesale round matte 53 400 cap with liner are smooth and arched, giving them a stylish design. The caps have been made with polypropylene plastic (PP) and are free from Bisphenol A (BPA free). They have a height and diameter measuring 17.15 mm and 59.1mm, respectively. These dimensions allow the caps to firmly grip the jars, providing optimum protection for your products.


Custom packaging has become an indispensable tool in today's business landscape. It allows companies to make tailor-made branding as opposed to using standard packaging. At Green Earth, we offer businesses custom packaging, a tool that enables companies to get much-needed exposure.

Using custom caps is a surefire way of increasing the profits in your business since it serves as an avenue for advertising. Our jar lids have a maximum label size of 44mm, adequate surface area for custom branding. When you want to purchase any of our caps, be sure to include custom branding.

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