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Child Resistant Push & Turn Flat Smooth Matte Plastic 50/400 Lids w/ Liner

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Our recyclable smooth matte 50/400 cap with liner is the perfect lid to elevate your company’s recyclable packaging! Our caps are compatible with any 50/400 jars and containers (50mm cap size, 400 cap threading). When your customer is ready to open their product, they simply have to push and turn for access. While the caps are easy to turn, the push feature protects the lids from accidentally opening and spilling products. As extra protection, our foam liners help prevent leaks!

When you choose these caps, not only will your product be protected, but the environment will be as well! Since our caps are recyclable, when you buy them in bulk and package them with these lids, you reduce your plastic waste. We highly recommend pairing these caps with recyclable 50/400 jars so the whole container will be recyclable! Plastic and glass jars are both recyclable, so there are multiple options for what the product comes in.

As said above, you can use these 50/400 caps with various containers. While the top does have to be 50/400, as the length of the jar grows, so does the amount the container can hold. You can protect any products, from food items to toiletries, with our 50/400 smooth matte caps. Whether it be a few grams to several ounces, the versatility of sizes these lids can cover is endless!

When your business chooses what kind of jar they want to pair with our lids, the smooth matte finish on our caps will draw in your customers. Matte has many advantages: the finish is more fingerprint resistant, photographs well for advertisements, and holds up better against chips and scratches. Suitable packaging should appeal to all senses, and the smoothness of the cap adds a tactile customer experience.

Whether it be sustainability, functionality, versatility, and aesthetically, I think we can all agree these lids are the total package (no pun intended). The child resistance and color options are lovely bonuses to these already impressive 50/400 caps!

Child Resistant Smooth Matte 50/400 Cap with Liner

These caps’ push and turn features mean that the lids are child-resistant. The lids are not fully child-proof smooth matte 50/400 caps with liners since no packaging can be 100% child “proof.” However, child resistance is the next best thing! Whether your base is plastic or glass, our jar lids are the perfect choice for your customers that need an extra level of protection for little ones. The CR smooth matte 50/400 cap with liner has gone through extensive third-party testing to certify it as child-resistant since we know just how vital that certification is!

Smooth Matte Black 50/400 Cap with Liner

We offer our smooth matte 50/400 cap with liner in black. Black packaging provides discretion and privacy to products. This makes it an excellent lid option for pills and supplements or any other product that customers might want to carry with more privateness. When your company uses a black smooth matte plastic 50/400 cap with liner, your product can be associated with luxury and sophistication. Your business can pair a smooth matte 50/400 lid with liner with one of our wholesale jars; wholesale jars can come in multiple colors to accentuate the black.

Smooth Matte White 50/400 Cap with Liner

Our wholesale smooth matte 50/400 cap with liner also comes in white! White is often used to symbolize that a product is safe and simple. Creams and lotions packaged with white lids can instantly associate these products with nontoxicity (which all customers look for in products that come into contact with their body). White smooth matte 50/400 jar lids with liners are classy and elegant and give that perception to your product!

You can order smooth matte 50/400 caps with liner in bulk in both black and white from our website!


Our 50/400 recyclable caps can be completely customizable. We offer custom packaging to all our customers because we know your customers appreciate unique packaging. Custom caps can come with various fonts and logos; whether your company already has an emblem or needs one created by our design team, we have the customization tools for you! All colors pop on our black and white caps, ensuring that your company’s branding will stand out and draw in more customers. We are here to fulfill all of your customization needs for these great 50/400 caps.

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