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Can't reach anyone by phone or e-mail

Love the bottles I bought. The lids, however, won't work for me; I need airtight lids and the childproof lids don't thread tightly. I've been e-mailing for two-weeks and have tried to call but the recording always says I'm calling after hours. I would love to know if I can get normal threaded lids that fit the jars I purchased and return the child-proof lids.

More Sizes

I am looking to your products for edibles packaging. It would be great to have store shelf type bags in sizes not just focused on dry flower from dispensary. My products are hemp based, but still need the protection levels afforded by your product. Food for thought!

Great experience shopping the site. I can't believe the awesome deal they offer. The service was great with excellent shipping. Thanks


This has been a nightmare. I’m trying to get lids to go with my jars which I think should have come with the jars. Now I will not be able to create my Christmas gifts to give to my friends and family.

Humidity control pacts

Been using boveda 62% size 8 for two years now. Gives me peace of mind I have protection for my buds, wish they were cheaper but in long run worth it.

Screw Top Flat Smooth Matte Plastic 50/400 Lids
derrick faust
Great Lid - Fantastic Company

I will be doing all of my lid purchases via this company. Thank you!!

Great product and very reliable company

We are a very small business just starting up and use these jars to package our gummies. They are very eye catching and make our products shine

Dirty Thieves

I like the bottle just fine. I would buy more, but not from a thief that stole the money from me to pay the Mexican tariff but didn't pay it so I had to get fucked by the taxman in the ass twice. You lost a customer forever you greedy bastards.

IK heb geen idee, ik heb het nog niet gekregen

small straight sided jars

Ordered samples that came promptly and are beautiful! I expect to make a larger order in the near future.

Great product

I absolutely love these tins.