Green Earth Packaging Reviews

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This has been a nightmare. I’m trying to get lids to go with my jars which I think should have come with the jars. Now I will not be able to create my Christmas gifts to give to my friends and family.

Humidity control pacts

Been using boveda 62% size 8 for two years now. Gives me peace of mind I have protection for my buds, wish they were cheaper but in long run worth it.

Great Lid - Fantastic Company

I will be doing all of my lid purchases via this company. Thank you!!

Great product and very reliable company

We are a very small business just starting up and use these jars to package our gummies. They are very eye catching and make our products shine

Dirty Thieves

I like the bottle just fine. I would buy more, but not from a thief that stole the money from me to pay the Mexican tariff but didn't pay it so I had to get fucked by the taxman in the ass twice. You lost a customer forever you greedy bastards.

IK heb geen idee, ik heb het nog niet gekregen

small straight sided jars

Ordered samples that came promptly and are beautiful! I expect to make a larger order in the near future.

Great product

I absolutely love these tins.