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Boveda Humidity Control Packs

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8 Grams

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Boveda packs are an effective method in quality control for any company seeking to keep their products fresh for longer.

Businesses worldwide are affected by humidity, which can affect the temperature and shelf life of products. Brands and companies that deliver fresh products can find their inventory dwindling in quality if humidity and fluctuating temperatures destroy them. Plants that need to stay fresh during transportation can dry out from humidity levels. Delicate materials like wood can even deteriorate if the temperature and humidity aren't proper.

Companies have fought against this issue for years before finding a solution. Fortunately, the powers of technological advancements in society have allowed scientists to formulate a true-and-tried method of controlling humidity.

While there are a plethora of humidity packs available on the market, none have guaranteed customer satisfaction like Boveda. The brand has been a gold-star standard for humidity control packets since its inception 26 years ago, and the company continues to grow. From food brands to musical instrument producers, Boveda packets gained the trust of leading manufacturers in several industries.

Green Earth Packaging prides itself on bringing safe and green food packaging and accessories. Consumers are happy to know that Boveda humidity packs are 100% BPA-free. As Boveda 62% humidity control packs are made from "purified water-vapor, natural salts and odorless food grade thickener," per the Boveda website, the ingredients to form these packets are natural. They do not necessarily contribute to environmental decay. These are FDA-approved, manufactured to GMP standards, and ISO certified. Plus, they're packaged with biodegradable kraft paper to reduce the amount of waste in landfills and bring an energy-efficient solution to production.

The best part about Boveda humidity packages is their lifespan. One of the cheap Boveda 62% humidity packs can last between two to four months. That also largely depends on several factors, including the temperature and humidity in the spaces you choose to store your products with Boveda packs. Some individuals have also found hacks to extend their lifespan by years, but those methods haven't proven to revive each humidity pack to their optimum use.

Boveda became a leader in humidity control through their efforts which earned them applause from food brands and musical instrument manufacturers. That's why we're seeing plenty of businesses across America and the world add Boveda 62% humidity control packs into parcels and products that are sitting in their inventory. Not only does it help prolong shelf-life for items that are sitting in your shop, but it also helps prevent wasting items from mold, and ultimately, losing money by throwing away valuable products.

8 Gram Boveda 62% Humidity Packs

Boveda continues to leave a lasting impression on its customers with its array of products. The original brand behind humidity packs, Boveda 62% moisture packs, has earned a reputation among cigar connoisseurs and fine art collectors to food and beverage brands tea brands who've witnessed the wonders that these humidity packs have.

Eight-gram wholesale Boveda 62% packs are available in boxes of 50 for relative humidity. These are perfect for slipping inside jars containing fresh produce, herbs, and other types of cooking ingredients to keep optimal moisture levels. The Boveda packs require no maintenance or activation to start working.

Products can extend their shelf lives for longer while maintaining their quality. Sealing each product will mean that each Boveda pack won't be working as hard to prevent damage from exposure to air.

Boveda 62% packs are the most effective method to prevent your products from drying. They aren't safe to consume, but they are entirely safe to use in jars or bags. There's no recommended limit on how many you can use in one package. Using more Boveda packets might be required, depending on the climate and other factors. Each pack will last longer.

The two-way control feature helps add and remove moisture to a perfect level. Each pack contains pure water and natural salts placed within a "water-vapor permeable 'reverse osmosis' membrane" that allows filtration for the perfect amount of moisture to emit.

Shopping with Green Earth Packaging means finding environmentally friendly packaging solutions for your company. Boveda 62% humidity packs in bulk are available on our site and are completely safe for the planet. Between its use of natural salt and pure waters and its recyclable packaging, there's assurance in knowing it's possible to extend shelf-life without harming the environment.

Economically and environmentally friendly, Boveda 62% moisture packs bring an efficient solution for quality assurance for businesses and customers. Every company dealing with food or instruments should consider keeping their products fresh with Boveda packs. They are packaged with biodegradable materials and created with natural products.

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Ed Burpo
Humidity control pacts

Been using boveda 62% size 8 for two years now. Gives me peace of mind I have protection for my buds, wish they were cheaper but in long run worth it.