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Child Resistant Recyclable Press N Pull Slide Out Black Plastic Container

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Black - PNP109BB


Child Resistant





Height (outer)


Width (outer)


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Max Label Size (W x L)

Front: 55mm x 94mm; Back:55mm x 80mm


Sustainability efforts are on the agendas of many different industries, including the packaging industry. Green Earth is proud to present the recyclable Press N Pull slide out black plastic drawer boxes in bulk.

The plastic drawer box wholesale collection is a great way to implement green alternatives in container packaging. The recyclable plastic drawer box has a sleek travel-size design that can securely store different products.

Our wholesale plastic drawer boxes are certified child-resistant by the Consumer Safety Product Commission (CSPC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) - two top authorities in product safety testing and certification in the United States. Consumer safety is vital, which is why our accredited plastic drawer boxes are designed with a child-resistant locking mechanism to provide extra security to stored goods.

These containers are made out of polypropylene (PP) plastic deemed food-safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA food-safe products are safe to make direct contact with food, cosmetics, and medications, in addition to being odor-resistant.

PP plastic is also highly praised for being 100% recyclable and reusable. This recyclable packaging container can be identified by the number 5 inside the recycling symbol.

Plenty of packaging suppliers use single-use plastic that ends up polluting the ocean and harming wildlife. By offering recyclable PP plastic drawer boxes, businesses can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills.

Child-Resistant Plastic Drawer Boxes

The CR plastic drawer boxes are one of the top of the line products in recyclable packaging. Whether your brand seeks to store medicinal herbs, food ingredients, or even craftable items, these containers can provide secure packaging.

Some states have strict packaging laws requiring certain products to be stored in discreet and child-resistant containers. Over-the-counter products must be packaged in child-resistant containers under federal law to protect consumer safety. The black plastic container can meet those requirements to ensure your business is complying with different regulations.

If you are unsure whether or not your product will fit inside the container, check out the size dimensions:

  • Total Length: 62mm (2.44 inches)
  • Total Width: 17.25mm (0.67 inches)
  • Total Height: 115mm (4.52 inches)
  • Inner Length: 109mm (4.3 inches)
  • Inner Width: 55.9mm (2.2 inches)
  • Inner Height: 12.55mm (0.5 inches)

The travel size design is built to handle rugged transportation for long drives. Polypropylene plastic drawer boxes are heat-resistant so that they can handle warm-packed items.

Another critical factor about these containers is that they are BPA-free. BPA is an acronym for bisphenol A, a harmful organic synthetic compound found in polycarbonate plastics that can leach onto beverages and food that people consume.

Child-proof plastic drawer boxes provide the ultimate storage and security so make sure to check out Green Earth’s entire collection of child-resistant packaging products.

How To Open Press N Pull Slide Out Plastic Container

Opening one of these plastic containers is simple for adults but designed to be challenging for a child under the age of 5 to open. The container’s name is a nod to how it is opened. Near the top of the tray, you will find instructions on how to open the container.

  1. Firmly press the inner tray forward toward the back of the container.
  2. While pressing the tray inward, press the side buttons.
  3. Pull the tray forward to access the stored goods.

If you are confused about which side is supposed to face up, the container has the following text, “bottom, turn over.” This will help prevent the product from falling out.

The opening mechanism seems simple, but it goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it is child-resistant. Before being available for purchase, our Press N Pull Slide Out Plastic container was sent to a third-party laboratory for child-resistant certification testing.

According to the CPSC, packages are considered child-resistant if a total of 80% of the children tested cannot open a package during a full 10 minutes of testing. To ensure adults can access the container, “at least 90% of adults tested have up to 5 minutes, and then another minute in a second test, to open and close the package so that it is child-resistant again.”

A lot of thought and hard work was put into ensuring that the recyclable black plastic containers are accessible to the intended individuals and complicated for small children to open.

How To Dispose of Press N Pull Slide Out Black Plastic Containers

After using your plastic drawer boxes wholesale, make sure to dispose of them by following these simple steps properly:

  1. Use warm water and soap (dish soap is fine) to remove any labels and residue from the container.
  2. Scrub the container using a dish sponge.
  3. Let the container dry.

Once the container is completely dry, it can be repurposed into new storage for different household items such as sewing supplies and homemade spice mixes.

If you do not plan to reuse the container, it is still vital to clean and sanitize it. Uncleaned plastic containers may potentially contaminate other plastics during the recycling process. Polypropylene plastic drawer boxes are accepted at most recycling centers and curbside waste collection pick-up services.


The black plastic drawer boxes are great on their own, but you have the option of enhancing your containers further with our 100% custom packaging. The flat sides of the containers provide plenty of surface area for your brand’s logo.

We also have an in-house custom design team that helps elevate your plastic drawer box packaging to the next level. Whether you seek a complex and intricate design or a simple logo with enough pop to stand out among competitors, our custom container designing team is ready to bring your visionary design to reality!

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