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Child Resistant Recyclable Paperboard Tube w/ Press Button

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80mm x 54mm


Our recyclable paperboard tubes are novel packaging for your brand and products. Paperboard is a more specific name for the thinner yet stiffer cardboard that these tubes are made out of; the containers have the durability of hard cardboard but the thinner material is lighter and more portable! The paper tube packaging comes in neutral, easy-to-match colors and is about 95 mm in height x 25 mm in width. Our press button opening mechanism is child-resistant while also being easy-to-use for adults (AKA the best of both worlds). These eco-friendly cardboard tubes are easy to recycle and your customers will love knowing they are buying products from a company that values sustainability. Of course, we offer wholesale paper tubes for bulk order, which helps companies like yours stay stocked up on sustainable packaging while saving money and time along the way.

We make it a mission to offer container packaging that is 100% recyclable packaging; we know you and your customers value environmentally conscious containers and we are here to provide that. Additionally, our certified paper tubes are also Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) child-resistant certified. We want your business and your customers to be assured that the paper tubes are third-party tested and our press button system is certified CR (child-resistant). These tubes offer safety for families and the environment all at once.

Child-Resistant Paper Tubes

As we briefly touched on above, the cardboard paper packaging has been certified by the CPSC (16 CFR 1700.20) as child-resistant. The CPSC does extensive third-party testing to verify child-proof paper tubes and other CR packaging designs are actually resistant to little ones tampering with them. While no product can be 100% child-proof, our CR paper tubes are as close as you can get with this certification. Your customers can rest easy knowing that children under five handled the actual small cardboard tubes to try and open them. And luckily for everyone (businesses, customers, and kiddos alike) the tubes passed, just like the rest of our child-resistant packaging. Your customers can take comfort in knowing their child’s safety is of the utmost importance to your business.

While we know how important it is to you to read about our certifications and sustainability, it is also pretty fun to read about the different possibilities these tubes offer for your business! Keep reading to learn all the details about our two colors and customization!

Black Paper Tubes

We offer these paper tubes in the never disappointing color of black. Little black recyclable paperboard tubes seemed a little long to riff off of the famous Little Black Dress, but you get the point: black is timeless and, when done correctly, never goes out of style. The black cardboard packaging offers sleek, aesthetic vibes and a bold background for custom labeling and designs. For the customer on-the-go, the black cardboard cylinder tubes are durable, portable, and don’t show signs of wear and tear; your customer can travel with the packaging without worries about marks showing up all over it. The press button is also black when you order the black tubes, which adds a uniform look to these svelte tubes. When you order the wholesale paperboard tubes in black, you’re choosing a classic color that’s been reimagined in a sustainable and functional way.

White Paper Tubes

These wonderful cardboard tubes also come in white. Paperboard tube packaging looks simple and minimalistic in the white, and customers really appreciate the understated aesthetic. However, one of the reasons this color is so great is because of its versatility, so for the customer that likes statement packaging, order the paper tubes in bulk and brand them with fun and colorful logos that pop on the white.

Regardless of the color you choose for your business, our recyclable packaging is easy and simple to dispose of; your customers just need to recycle the containers the same way they recycle any paperboard! Whether it be home pick-up or facility drop-off, responsibly disposing of these tubes is as easy as can be.


We are excited that we can offer your business custom packaging for these paper storage tubes! Customization is one of the most important things your company can do to stand out and market yourself. When customers are shopping, whether it be in person or online, they are drawn to creative and interesting customization. Logos, unique colors, and eye-catching images are a must for growing clientele.

Paper tube containers are especially fun to customize since the cylindrical shape allows a smorgasbord of options for branding. Try out complete, tip-to-tip designs that cover the entire tube, or more abstract and unique placements for branding. For example, design a mandala logo with our press button as the central point, or customize stars to cover the entirety of the black tubes for a celestial-themed product. Whatever you decide, your business can feel confident knowing that you are getting the customization that will reflect your products.

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