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Child Resistant Push & Turn Flat Smooth Matte Plastic 38/400 Lids w/ Liner

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White - EBCCR9MNTW | Black - EBCCR9MNT


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A quality jar (glass or plastic) is essential – it's eye-catching, it needs to be durable, it needs to be the right size – but the lid is more prominent. It's the most used part of your jar. Green Earth has a vast selection of colors, sizes, and styles to suit your product and your style.

Make your containers stand apart from the competition by stocking your shelves with jars with branded custom caps – put your logo or contact information directly on the lid. It's an effective way to keep your brand in your customers' minds.

Our inventory of caps and lids features an impressive range of styles and colors to accommodate all your packaging needs. We also have an outstanding selection of cap liners, humidity packs, and shrink bands for your lids to increase consumer safety, help you meet regulations, and keep your products fresh.

And, as with many of our products, our recyclable smooth matte 38/400 cap with liner is among our best recyclable packaging options.

Child Resistant Smooth Matte 38/400 Cap with Liner

Our child-proof smooth matte 38/400 cap with liner and CR smooth matte 38/400 cap with liner are best-selling customer favorites. We offer foil, foam, or Teflon cap liners.

A cap liner is an adhesive paper between the cap and the inside of the jar that seals the jar and helps maintain the freshness of your products. It's extra protection against outside exposure, keeping scents inside and products garden fresh. Cap liners are used in various industries, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics.

The most common containers using these sealed for your protection liners inside most vitamins. The seal acts as a barrier between the outside air and the products inside your jars. They work well with shrink bands for jars, and together, they provide double the security and tamper evidence. A quality cap liner offers additional protection for your patrons' products.

A quality cap with liner is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your jar lids help to maintain product quality. Our pressure-sensitive liners lock in freshness but, as a tamper-evident product, can ensure the safety of your customers.

As anyone who has taken care of kids for any time can attest, it only takes a moment for a curious child to get into something. But whether you need a child-resistant cap usually depends on the regulations in your state. In some states, non-child-resistant caps are acceptable, while other states have mandatory child-proof cap regulations.

Child-resistant packaging must be easy to open for senior citizens, while young children must not be able to open the package without adult supervision or assistance.

Customers want to buy safe-to-use products. A child-proof, tamper-evident cap demonstrates your concerns for your products' integrity but also your customer's well-being and safety. This can increase brand loyalty, which translates to increased sales.

With much of our product line, you can customize child-proof caps and jars with brand logos and names. Customization is an excellent way for brands to leverage unique self-promotion and compliance simultaneously. Contact us for a quote if you don't see the design of your dreams on our website.

At Green Earth, you will find an outstanding variety of caps to keep your product in compliance with your state laws.

Smooth Matte Black 38/400 Cap with Liner

When purchasing wholesale jars, paying some attention to your cap choice is crucial. Green Earth offers high-quality matte black caps. Our smooth matte 38/400 cap with liner locks in freshness while also looking good on the shelf.

Nearly every Green Earth cap is available in your choice of matte black, glossy black, matte white, glossy white, black semi-gloss, white semi-gloss, silver matte. And you can choose from a foil, foam, or Teflon liner. We even make plastic screw lids for jars in bamboo, ebony, ash, redwood, light wood, or walnut finishes.

So, no matter which smooth matte plastic 38/400 cap with liner you choose, you'll be showing off a high-quality product to your customers. And, our smooth matte 38/400 lid with liner is customizable.

Smooth Matte White 38 400 Cap with Liner

When getting the right smooth matte 38/400 caps with liner in bulk is the top "to-do" on your list, Green Earth can provide the solution. Our wholesale smooth matte 38/400 cap with liner comes in your choice of black or white and presents an extraordinarily stylish and modern top for your container. And, our smooth matte 38/400 jar lid with liner provides quality functionality, too. The liner helps preserve freshness which makes sure your customers go home happy.


We can turn your plain lids into custom caps for the final finishing touch! Customize your lids with brand logos and names thanks to our custom packaging. You can leverage this to promote your product as unique and compliant at the same time. If you don't see a design that suits you to a tee on our website, contact us for a quote for customization. Our team is dedicated to excellent customer service. For anyone nearby, we offer Will Call pick-up! But our fast and easy shipping will also get your cap liners to you fast!

Our cap liners are some of our best-selling product accessories. Our Integra boost and Boveda packs are excellent complements to our pressure-sensitive foam liner; they add double the preservation. If you're looking for quality, sustainable packaging accessories, come check out our site for all deals and inquiries.

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