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Child Resistant Push & Turn Flat Smooth Glossy Plastic 28/400 Lids w/ Liner

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White - EBCCR5GNTW | Black - EBCCR5GNT


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Meeting compliance regulations and environmentally sustainable goals can be an exciting challenge for any business, especially when upholding a brand's aesthetic. Single-use jars can play a significant role in pollution if they are not disposed of correctly, and that also applies to lids.

If you are seeking both a child-resistant and a reusable lid for your jars, then Green Earth Packaging is where you need to be for environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Green Earth aims to bring green packaging solutions for businesses across the country. Together, we can help create a better, sustainable future for the next generation. Our selection of lids, like the child-resistant push & turn flat smooth glossy plastic 28/400 lids with liner, is meant to address both issues at affordable rates.

When dealing with any packaging item, you should be assured that whatever you purchase suits your needs. Each one of our products is certified and meets federal compliance regulations.

Our recyclable smooth glossy 28/400 cap with liner is child-resistant with US 16 CFR 1700.20 certification. So, when you are seeking recyclable packaging and lids for jars, rest assured that Green Earth's smooth glossy 28/400 caps are aesthetically pleasing and approved by federal, state, and local regulations and requirements.

In addition to their certifications, these caps are also reusable and recyclable. Along with being 100% BPA-free, customers should also be aware these caps were made cruelty-free.

Child Resistant Smooth Glossy 28/400 Cap With Liner

Being in a business where you sell products that children should not access already creates barriers to purchasing packaging. Compliance regulations for food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and more are meant to assure the public's safety.

Our child-proof smooth glossy 28/400 cap with liner is a top choice for stocking up on jar lids for storage jars. The push-and-turn technology on CR smooth glossy 28/400 cap with liner is easy enough for any adult to open while creating barriers to prevent children from accessing products.

Smooth Glossy Black 28/400 Cap With Liner

Every business has its own aesthetic, and branding is the best way to set itself apart from its competitors. The smooth glossy 28/400 cap with liner in black brings a sleek and shiny character to your packaging, with child-resistant technology to uphold compliance standards in your state.

The smooth glossy 28/400 lid with liner is an ideal packaging option for available compatible eco-friendly wholesale jars. Black lids also add another level of discreetness to your product.

Pairing the smooth glossy plastic 28/400 cap with liner with a selection of our wholesale jars will not only keep your products safe and fresh but there are also ways to customize them to include your company's logo.

Smooth Glossy White 28 400 Cap With Liner

If your company is looking for a more classic look, the smooth glossy 28/400 jar lid with liner is a perfect match for your business. This specific cap pairs with the 3 oz jars with similar thread lining.

The wholesale smooth glossy 28/400 cap with liner provides businesses a reusable, BPA-free, and cruelty-free option for securing their packages. Smooth glossy 28/400 caps with liner in bulk are available in boxes of 504 units at an affordable cost.

The glossy push & turn flat caps provide your company with a clean aesthetic and child resistance. However, businesses looking to level up their brand might want to consider customization options. Green Earth not only takes pride in bringing environmentally-friendly packaging solutions to businesses and providing environmentally-sustainable customization options. If you seek custom caps, we have biodegradable labels to slap on top of them. Bringing brand awareness through custom packaging is the best way to spread the word about your products or services.

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