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Qube Child Resistant Small Square 9mL Multi Compartment Divider Glass Jars w/ Lids

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9 mL
250 Count

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BPA Free
Child Resistant
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Clear with Black Lid - CRCGC9MLSP | Clear with White Lid - CRCGC9MLWSP | White with White Lid - CRCGC9MLFWSP | Black with Black Lid - CRCGC9MLBBSP


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Clear, White, Black with White, Black Lid


Flint Glass (Jar) + Polypropylene PP (Cap) + Teflon (Cap Liner)


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Qube divided glass jars with lids have become some of the most popular products in the cosmetic industry. Apart from being eco-friendly, they have multi-compartment storage spaces, a feature that has revolutionized the way businesses package their products. The attributes of Qube divided jars have made various industries excited to implement them as unique product packaging. Their functionality has led to increased demand in the packaging industry. Our online wholesale stores offer top-quality items in the market.

Our wholesale jars come with Teflon-lined caps. The quality of the Teflon material makes these container lids the perfect covers for the wholesale Qube divided square glass jars with lids. Teflon is waterproof, non-sticky, and can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F.

These earth-friendly glass jars are reusable and sustainable. Thus, they are a better alternative to conventional packaging containers. Unlike traditional packaging, which can only be used once, businesses can reuse these glass jars several times without wearing them out.

The reusability of these jars eliminates the need for frequently discarding them after use. Hence, this leads to a cleaner environment due to less garbage disposal. Ultimately, this promotes a more sustainable environment.

All our eco-friendly glass jars are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as food safe. Ergo, our products have passed the relevant safety tests, thus guaranteeing safety to our customers. These certified Qube divided square glass jars with lids have 21 CFR 177.152 certification.

Child-Resistant Qube Divided Square Glass Jars With Lids

Manufacturers always prioritize safety when making child proof Qube divided square glass jars with lids. Containers are sometimes left unattended by adults. It's something that can pose a risk to toddlers. Child-resistant packaging guarantees the safety of users by offering optimum protection.

Our CR Qube divided square glass jars with lids are certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as child-resistant packaging. They have gone through the CFR 16 1700.20 testing procedure to ascertain that they are efficient and safe for use.

9 mL Qube Divided Square Glass Jars With Lids

The 9mL Qube divided square glass jars with lids in bulk in our store have been made very elegantly. They have an alluring design that is appealing which many find attractive.When businesses package their products in them, these small jars have the potential to generate more sales. Thus, they have proven to be more lucrative than conventional packaging items.

The lids of the 9mL Qube divided square glass jars are made of plastic. They also come in different colors to suit the preferences of various businesses. Additionally, these caps are impact-proof and can survive multiple falls without breaking.

Clear Qube Divided Square Glass Jars With Lids

What makes these clear Qube divided glass jars stand out from the rest is their transparency. The contents of these containers are visible from the outside. Businesses can take advantage of the attribute of this recyclable packaging and use it as an opportunity to display their products to their customers.

The clear Qube divided cosmetic jars are the perfect containers for displaying beauty products. Buyers can see the particular color and type of the item they want to purchase. Another benefit of these products is that they are also recyclable, making them environmentally-friendly.

Black Qube Divided Square Glass Jars With Lids

Unlike the previous clear container, the black Qube divided square glass jars with lids are opaque. They are very good at offering discretion. The empty Qube divided square glass jars with lids offer an impressive aesthetic that exudes boldness, privacy, and timelessness.

The black Qube divided square glass jars with lids are the ideal products for storing sensitive commodities. The opaque nature of our black containers helps prevent harmful UV rays from coming into contact with the stored items. Hence, the integrity and chemical composition of the stored products are maintained.

White Qube Divided Square Glass Jars With Lids

Similar to the black containers, the white Qube divided square glass jars with lids are also opaque. They have a sturdy build that enables them to last longer than average glass jars. The 9mL Qube jar with divider has a material thickness of 3mm and a base diameter of 36.2mm.

The Qube divided square glass jars with lids wholesale are available in various packages. Thus all businesses, irrespective of their size, can acquire them in bulk to save time and funds. Our recyclable packaging products are Bisphenol A (BPA) free, thereby eliminating human exposure to harmful components found in conventional packaging products.


Branding is an essential part of the business since it distinguishes a particular firm from the other and can speak to varying consuming in varying enticing ways. That is why both multinational corporations, as well as small firms, brand their products. As a wholesale store geared towards the interests of our clients, we provide Qube divided square glass jars with lids bulk that are easily customizable.

Our 9mL glass containers have a maximum label size diameter of 35mm that provides adequate space for company inscriptions and brand names on your custom packaging. They have a height of 23.5mm and an outer neck diameter of 37.6mm. Despite their small size, there are plenty of ways businesses can implement their branding on these jars.

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