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Square Recyclable 46/410 3 Oz Clear Glass Jars

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3 Oz
Clear - 3OZCB-CJ


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250 x 35


When it comes to wholesale jars, glass jars are among the best selections for packaging. If your company is tired of cheap packaging containers, choose the recyclable square-shaped 3-ounce clear glass jars. These glass jars offer you the opportunity to store various products in a durable container with a sleek and transparent design.

The world is dealing with the impact of global warming along with plastic pollution caused by wasteful packaging. Green Earth’s square clear glass jars are 100% recyclable and reusable. Many brands across different industries are finding ways to become more sustainable; do not miss out and fall behind!

It is common for people to discard a container once it is served its purpose quickly. These glass jars are a great way to implement and practice sustainable methods with your customers. Reversing the damage from plastic pollution takes one step at a time, and our glass jars wholesale collection is a great way to use greener alternatives for packaging.

Many packaging brands can claim bold statements about their containers but might lack the credentials to back them up. The compatible lids for the square clear glass jars were tested to Consumer Product Safety Commission’s protocol for child-resistant products. The covers on these jars also meet the child-safety testing standards for ASTM, International, leading international standards organizations.

Child Resistant Straight Sided Square Glass Jars

Our glass packaging selection's straight-sided square glass jars are compatible with child-resistant caps. Some states have strict packaging laws and regulations for storing certain products. With compatible child-resistant lids, these child-proof straight-sided square glass jars provide security and meet different packaging standards.

You can remove the caps by pushing down and turning counterclockwise. Another neat thing about the lids is that they can come with a foam liner to provide further protection.

The testing procedure for child-resistant products involves a group of children and adults in a series of timed tests. The point of the tests is to see how many children and adults can open the child-resistant container.

The kids are split up into small groups, consisting of ages between 4 and 5. The kids are instructed to open the container on their own within a couple of minutes. In the end, the test instructor will demonstrate how to open the container without explaining. The participants are then asked to try and open the container again.

If a high percentage of the children fail to open the container, it meets child safety standards. The CR straight-sided square glass jars are also tested with senior citizens to ensure that they do not have any difficulty opening the jars.

3 oz Straight Sided Square Glass Jars

The empty straight-sided square glass jars can store up to 3 ounces of non-solid products or 3 to 4 grams of dried goods. These glass jars offer enough room for you to store various products.

The containers are crafted out of hygienic glass to store different snacks, like candies and mints. Like all of our recyclable packaging, these containers can be gathered up with similar material and taken to a local recycling center for further processing.

One of the best things about straight-sided square glass jars is that they can be reused indefinitely. Wash the glass container with warm soapy water and let it dry before reusing it.

You can use a small collection of these containers to store homemade spice blends or kids’ craft supplies. Glass is known for being heat-resistant, so these jars can be reused to store freshly made jams or salsas.

46/410 Straight Sided Square Glass Jars

The square straight-sided glass jars have a capsize of 46 millimeters with a 410 continuous thread. The 46/410 size means it is compatible with lids with the exact size specifications.

Regardless of which lid you use, these jars are designed to be airtight and protect aromas from leaking.The airtight design also helps keep the stored product fresh longer within the recyclable packaging glass containers.

Another great feature about the 46/410 straight-sided square glass jars is their moisture resistance. These glass containers can resist absorbing moisture when immersed in water or surrounding air. The moisture-resistant glass jars ensure the contents inside are protected from water damage to a certain extent.

Clear Straight-Sided Square Glass Jars

One of the great things about clear containers is that they allow customers to safely view the stored contents without coming in direct contact with them. If you have a colorful product, it is best to keep it in a container to pop out on store shelves.

There is no better place to purchase and shop for wholesale straight-sided square glass jars than Green Earth. Navigating and shopping on our online store is super user-friendly. Green Earth’s shipping and return policies are simple to understand and provide transparency.


The more straight-sided square glass jars in bulk you buy, the more you can potentially save with Green Earth! Aside from great pricing, we also offer custom packaging.

Make your product stand out even further against the competition by adding your company’s logo to your glass jars. The square shape of the glass jars provides plenty of canvas space for our custom designs team to work with you and create eye-catching labeling.

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