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Recyclable Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bags w/ Handles

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8.03in x 10.07in
250 Count

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8.03in x 10.07in - KPCUB-BR






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Single-use plastic bags are starting to fade from grocery stores, and recyclable brown Kraft paper shopping bags are taking over, marking the return of the brown paper bag. From corner stores to big box stores, businesses begin to charge a tax on plastic bags to reduce environmental harm. Switching over to recyclable brown Kraft paper shopping bags is the solution.

Grocery stores and fast-food restaurants have used mainly brown paper bags over the years for two reasons. They are cost-efficient, and secondly, they are made with a durable cardboard material. However, they can also be a hassle to carry without handles, even from the checkout line to the car. Recyclable brown Kraft paper shopping bags not only can hold a decent amount of weight but also have handles, so it makes it easier for customer transportation.

The environmental impact of recyclable brown Kraft paper bags is far more significant than their plastic counterpart. They're easily recyclable and are compostable. Businesses looking for cost-efficient and green packaging solutions should look no further than blazing their company's logo across paper bags. Environmentally friendly and customizable, converting to brown paper bags can bring a classy look for your brand.

Recyclable paper shopping bags with handles are one of the most versatile types of packaging for businesses in varying industries. With recyclable packaging rising in popularity and the government's new measures to reduce the public's carbon footprint, these are consistent methods of packaging that are entirely BPA-free, recyclable, and 100% plastic-free.

Green Earth Packaging brings environmentally friendly solutions to businesses looking to make a change. Our wholesale paper shopping bags with handles have consistently brought customers durable and robust packaging that is also eco-friendly. While some people may reuse their plastic packaging after bringing it home, these are 100% recyclable bags that are perfect to use for compost or another type of renewable packaging in your home.

Paper shopping bags with handles in bulk are available in our store right now with a plethora of options for customization. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the state of the environment and climate change. Bringing in kraft paper bags for packaging will send a message to your clients that your business is trying to reduce their environmental impact in your community while encouraging their customers and clients to do the same.

Brown Paper Shopping Bags With Handles

Once upon a time, brown paper shopping bags were nothing short of an inconvenience to carry. Without a shopping cart, walking with any more than two grocery bags from their base became a wild inconvenience. However, the return of the brown paper shopping bags with handles puts a modern twist on an iconic look with a sense of nostalgia.

The dimensions of kraft paper shopping bags are ideally suited to fit several items and keep them safe and durable. The tried and tested paper shopping bags are 8.03 in. width by 10.07 in. height. The inner dimensions are 195 mm for the width and 250 mm for its height. Perfect and efficient, it's roomy enough to pack in enough items from a shopping spree. However, many businesses also prefer to buy kraft paper bags in bulk because it's relatively durable to carry most items.

Green Earth Packaging's selection of paper packaging, including cheap paper shopping bags wholesale, provides businesses with green and cost-efficient solutions. You might be able to find convenience in your area with a quick Google search for "paper shopping bags wholesale near me." Still, Green Earth Packaging can ensure that you're purchasing top-quality kraft paper shopping bags made with 100% recyclable material. A paper shopping bags with handles bulk order comes in boxes of 250.

Simply put, brown kraft paper shopping bags with handles bring customers a sense of convenience and familiarity while also offering a green packaging solution. When you buy paper shopping bags, your company is purchasing an item that is cost-efficient for your business to save more dollars to put into other aspects of the company.

Various packaging suppliers may offer paper shopping bags for sale but do not have customized packaging. Thankfully, Green Earth Packaging also has customization options, whether looking for custom containers or slapping your logo on paper shopping bags online. Plus, customizing your packaging does not increase your company's environmental impact.


A business might be booming, but custom packaging helps elevate the shopping experience further for the customer. Not only does this method help spread the word of your brand and help attract new clientele and boost business, but it also brings a sense of character to your packaging.

Our customization options for packaging are not limited to simply recyclable brown paper. We have opportunities to customize oval bottles, hinged-tin lids, glass jars, and more.

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