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Hand Tech Powder-Free Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves

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Cuff Thickness

2.8 mil

Palm Thickness

3.2 mil

Finger Thickness

4.0 mil


Our outstanding hand tech powder-free gloves are essential for any business. These gloves are a must-have for those with latex allergies (but, of course, work for everyone!). Nitrile gloves are also especially puncture-resistant and chemical-safe; this makes them ideal for heavy-duty use for various professions.

The gloves are powder-free so that no messy residues will be left on your customers' hands or their products. Our nitrile gloves are just as easy to don and remove as gloves with powder and are more flexible for your customers’ comfort.

Disposable gloves have always been necessary and used, but now during COVID-19, they are more essential than ever. When you buy these gloves, you are helping to protect your company, employees, and customers, which we know is extremely important.

Keep reading to learn about our four different sizes and the multiple uses these nitrile gloves provide! Remember that sizing is usually determined by measuring around the knuckles of your dominant hand in inches. You should get glove sizes that offer the best fit and comfort to you, your employees, and your customers. That is why we encourage companies to purchase multiple measures to ensure comfort for everyone!

Food Safe Black Nitrile Gloves

We highly recommend using these nitrile gloves for food handling and packaging. Customers want to be assured that their food was touched by sterile gloves and will not contaminate their meal. Since these are nitrile disposable gloves, you can grab a new set to prepare another dish or package another item once the food has been handled.

Our nitrile gloves for food handling can be used for various food items. They are perfect for deli workers slicing meats and cheeses behind the counter. We also encourage their use for food packaging; whether it be charity meals, grocery stores’ pre-packaging meals, or restaurants packaging to-go meals, these nitrile exam gloves are a must-have.

Small Black Nitrile Gloves

The first of our sterile nitrile gloves size is small. Typically men’s measurement is 7”-8” and women’s is 6.5”-7”.

While we know that anybody can do any job, people with smaller hands often complete jobs requiring intricate details. For example, jewelry makers often work with extreme heat and strong chemicals and metals. These powder-free nitrile exam gloves are the perfect protectant for people working around materials that could be sensitive/harmful to their skin. The nitrile gloves can also be used at nail salons. Nail techs often work with harsh polish removers, so these gloves can be used to protect their hands.

We also recommend that these are used for people in pharmaceutical packaging. When measuring out prescriptions, there is no fear of a powder residue on any pills or packaging when a pharmacist has a box of nitrile gloves next to them.

Medium Black Nitrile Gloves

Our medium nitrile work gloves are best for 8”-9” on men and 7”-7.5” on women.

These nitrile examination gloves are a must-have for anyone working in the health field. These gloves can be used for giving shots, taking blood, examinations, surgery, etc. Since they are especially puncture-resistant, the gloves are ideal for the medical field. Healthcare professionals also need to be conscious of latex allergies, and our nitrile gloves will eliminate that worry for patients!

We know how many gloves doctors, nurses, home health aides, etc., go through. That is why we are proud that our prices are low, but our quality isn’t. With the rotation and sheer amount of disposable gloves that health care facilities use, cheap nitrile gloves are essential for your budget. With these, you do not compromise price for the quality.

Large Black Nitrile Gloves

Standard sizing for large powder-free nitrile gloves is 9”-10” for men and 7.5”-8” for women.

When you buy wholesale nitrile gloves, you are getting gloves that mask stain, ink, and dyes during use; this is why they are a favorite among tattoo parlors and professional salons. Both industries deal with inks and dyes daily, and when gloves get easily stained, they can cause distraction and confusion regarding colors. This is eliminated with our nitrile gloves! The black color also gives businesses a sense of luxury and class and is perfect for high-end companies.

We recommend buying nitrile gloves in bulk in any size since running out of disposable gloves can disrupt business and safety. All sizes are available in bulk to make your life easier!

XL Black Nitrile Gloves

The final size we offer is extra large. Men with size 10”-11” and women with 8”-8.5” are recommended to use this size.

Nitrile surgical gloves are perfect for people that work with chemicals regularly. Often engineers, scientists, pharmacologists, and more handle multiple chemicals, acids, and hazardous materials daily. Nitrile gloves have superior resistance to these substances and provide a better barrier against a matter that might cause severe damage to bare skin.

These gloves are also helpful for construction workers. Nitrile gloves provide a better grip, so handling tools and materials are easier. Since most construction workers wear non-disposable gloves daily and would instead not stain, disposable gloves are also great when working with materials like caulk and spray foam.

When you buy nitrile gloves in bulk, you get a product with endless uses. We encourage these gloves to be used in any environment where safety (whether to employee or customer) is of paramount importance. We cannot wait for you to experience all the benefits of working with nitrile, powder-free gloves!

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