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Child Resistant Push & Turn Flat Smooth Wood Print Plastic 18/400 Lids w/ Liner

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Spruce, Oak, Bamboo, Mahogany Wood Print

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When you choose our recyclable flat wood print 18/400 caps with liner, you are selecting closures that are striking and unique. We offer six different wood prints, so you have many looks to choose from. Each cap also comes with a liner to help prevent leaks and protect products! The smooth finish allows for easy gripping and opening.

Our 18/400 lids are compatible with any 18 mm opening size and 400 cap threading tubes. These tubes can come in several different lengths, allowing several different-sized products to fit inside. Since the 18/400 caps can fit any 18/400 tubes, our wood print caps can be used for various tube lengths for multiple product rollouts in collections.

Not only do our wood print caps look great, but they are also great for the environment. Environmentally conscious consumers want recyclable packaging that lessens their plastic footprint, and these caps are the best choice for them. When your customers are ready to dispose of the caps, they simply have to recycle them as they would any other plastic!

Child Resistant Flat Wood 18/400 Caps with Liner

Yet another advantage of these wood print lids with liner is their child resistance. Child-proof flat wood print 18/400 caps with liner are highly effective for keeping your customers’ children out of the packaging. The push and turn technology is easy to use for adults, but third-party testing has verified that the lids are resistant for children. Our CR flat wood print 18/400 caps with liner are necessary for any products that need safe and secure containment. Paired with glass tubes, our child-resistant wood plastic caps are perfect for functional safety.

One of the best parts about these caps is the different wood prints! Our six wood prints are based on both classic and modern woods.

Flat Spruce Wood 18/400 Caps

The flat wood print 18/400 closures with liner come in spruce. The spruce cap adds a bright and clean topper for your tube packaging. Our flat wood print plastic 18/400 cap with liner in spruce is a perfect choice if your business wants a light wood lid.

Flat Oak Wood 18/400 Caps

We also offer flat wood print caps with liner in classic oak! Oak is a fan-favorite wood print due to its versatility and simplicity. Our oak caps look incredibly realistic due to the wood grain detail.

Flat Mahogany Wood 18/400 Caps

The darker mahogany flat wood caps with liner for tubes bring warmth and naturalness to any tube it tops. Mahogany looks rich and stands out, especially against clear glass tube packaging.

Flat Teak Wood 18/400 Caps

Our teak print is a two-toned, realistic cap. The close grains add a sense of character to the flat wood print 18/400 cap with liner. Teak pairs well with more neutral-colored products since the busier print will stand.

Flat Pine Wood 18/400 Caps

Flat wood print 18/400 caps with liner in bulk also come in pine. The light wood with thin darker grains gives our pine print a traditional look. Pine is a durable wood, and our plastic print caps recreate that strength!

Flat Bamboo Wood 18/400 Caps

Bamboo has a very distinct look, and our plastic print lids recreate that perfectly! When your company buys wholesale flat wood print 18/400 caps with liner, they are getting light, unique wood prints to accentuate your packaging.


Stand out and generate product growth with customization! Custom caps are necessary to build your brand, and we are proud to provide you with any customization services you might need! We know that your company might already have your brand logo, and we can simply print your existing customization on our wood print caps. If your business wants to create new custom packaging, we can help you design the perfect emblem for your brand! Customization is ideal for connecting to new customers and staying connected to recurring ones. Let us help you build and strengthen your company’s brand so your products can flourish!

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