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Child Resistant Push & Turn Flat Ribbed Matte Plastic 63/400 Lids w/ Text & Liner

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Child Resistant
White - WPDTCRC63400 | Black - BPDTCRC63400


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When using jars and containers for packaging goods, there are numerous factors to consider to ensure that the packaged products and customers are safe. Apart from finding befitting raw materials for the jars and finding the most convenient container sizes, business owners should also get the best types of caps for their packaging.

Your packaging can only be as secure as the seal that fastens it. The locking mechanism you use should keep your products from environmental factors that may harm the contents. The caps used to secure your jars should also be safe for consumers of all ages.

Our store has an excellent selection of sturdy recyclable ribbed flat 63/400 cap with text & liner for jars of the same neck threading. The jar caps are available in white and black finishes and have a modern look that can easily blend with the style of various brands.

What's more, the jar lids in our store are both recyclable and reusable. For this reason, using them will allow your company to distinguish itself as an ambassador for sustainable business practices. Better yet, combining these eco-friendly jar caps with other types of recyclable packaging will help your firm attract more environmentally aware clients.

Child Resistant Ribbed Flat 63/400 Cap With Text & Liner

Another significant advantage of the jar lids sold in our store is their child-proof properties. Regardless of the type of product your company may be selling, it's of utmost importance to prioritize the safety of your customers. Fortunately, when you purchase a child-proof ribbed flat 63/400 cap with text & liner from our store, you can rest assured it has undergone all necessary tests and is compliant with all industry regulations.

Furthermore, the caps have a thin foam liner that ensures the contents of your packaging are fresh and not contaminated. Having the foam lining also guarantees minimal odor loss, which helps preserve the aroma of your goods for customers more efficiently. They have also undergone the US 16 CF 1700.20 testing procedure. For this reason, the CR ribbed flat 63/400 cap with text & liner can be used by businesses across multiple industries.

Ribbed flat Black 63 400 Cap With Text & Liner

Apart from being child-resistant, another desirable feature of the ribbed flat 63/400 cap with text & liner we provide is that they are reusable and recyclable. Therefore, customers can utilize these jar lids even after accomplishing their primary objective.

Customers can repurpose each ribbed flat plastic 63/400 cap with text & liner by disposing it in the right bin or reusing it for alternative purposes. Business owners can save a lot of money and maximize profitability when purchasing our jar caps alongside wholesale jars.

Sourcing a ribbed flat 63/400 lid with text & liner from a reputable wholesaler such as our store also makes it easy for companies to modify their orders. Essentially, it is much easier and cost-efficient to change a single bulk order of packaging products than to make several alterations from multiple suppliers.

Ribbed Flat White 63 400 Cap With Text & Liner

When sourcing an order of wholesale ribbed flat 63/400 cap with text & liner from our store, business owners can opt for a white or matte black finish. Although these color selections may seem limited, they are meant to match as many brands as possible.

What's more, we have specially designed each ribbed flat 63/400 jar lid with text & liner with a locking mechanism that preserves products for a long time. Consequently, this feature allows products to have a long shelf life, and customers can enjoy fresh products long after they purchase them. Plus, since they can be used on jars and other containers with the same threading, buying ribbed flat 63/400 caps with text & liner in bulk is arguably the best way to go.


With a diameter of 69 millimeters, our jar caps have ample surface area to fit your brand's name and logo. You don't have to wander far and wide searching for custom packaging as our Custom Design Team can cater to your branding needs. Custom caps are the perfect way to top off the excellent packaging of your products.

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