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Child Resistant Recyclable Plastic Conical Pop Top Tubes

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Clear - DTCNCRC | White - DTCNCRW


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Child Resistant



Clear, White


Polypropylene (PP) Plastic


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Tube Diamter - Internal (mm)


Max label size (mm) w x h

51.181mm x 75mm


Not everything can, or should, be stored in a Mylar bag, glass jar, or fancy little box. Some items are best sold individually. Sometimes smaller items fare best inside individual containers. Our squeeze top design makes it easier to retrieve items from the tube. Because Green Earth's pop-top tubes are made with recyclable packaging, our recyclable conical pop-top tubes are often the perfect eco-conscious container solution.

Child-Resistant Conical Pop Top Tubes

The squeeze top design makes for faster retrieval and meets state packaging compliance guidelines. The high-quality tube locks in freshness by providing a tight seal and light resistance. Individual tubes can be stored discreetly and quickly. Our child-resistant packaging makes sure your items stay in your control.

In addition to being child-resistant, our conical pop-top tubes are made from polypropylene plastic (PP). It's recyclable, reusable, BPA-free, odor-resistant, and customizable. In addition to being terrific storage options, our tubes are eco-friendly, safe, and attractive.

Depending on your needs, child-proof conical pop top tubes can be a fantastic, high-quality, and safe option. Additionally, our CR conical pop top tubes are the perfect travel-sized storage container for when you’re on the go that’s durable and eco-friendly.

109mm Conical Pop Top Tubes

Our child-resistant 109mm conical plastic pop top tubes are made with a distinctive cone shape, making for a great storage solution for your brand's product packaging. Our conical pop-top tube packaging comes in your choice of clear or white and in various sizes. The 109mm conical pop-top tube containers are among our most popular options. These child-resistant, 109mm pop-top plastic tubes are made with your packaging needs in mind. Like all of our pop-top tube packaging, we focus on high quality, freshness, keeping children safe, and making it easy for adult users to store their items.

Our 109mm tubes are discreet, smell-proof, and convenient – one of our most popular options for various uses! Green Earth offers a selection of styles and colors of 109mm conical pop tubes. The odor-proof feature is crucial to keeping the product fresh and being discreet.

Our pop-top plastic tubes are available in white and clear veneers. The white shading conceals the contents of the container, keeping your tube discrete while also meeting compliance regulations.

Our pop-top tubes come in sizes ranging from 70mm up to 150mm.

White Conical Pop Top Tubes

When shopping for conical pop-top tubes wholesale, look no further than Green Earth. Our tube packaging is the best fit for your needs. Like all of our tubes, our conical pop-top tubes for sale are recyclable, reusable, odor-free, and child-resistant.

Many may have concerns about plastic tubes vs. glass. Glass tubes can feel luxurious, but they are also more fragile. With all of the damage that plastic can do environmentally, it can seem counterintuitive, but plastic is best suited for pop-top tubes. Our plastic is sturdy, protective against UV rays, and doesn't absorb moisture. And, to make sure Green Earth doesn't adversely contribute to climate change, we make sure our tubes are recyclable and reusable. And because our plastic tube packaging is made from plant-based carbohydrates and synthetic polymers, our plastic tubes are wholly biodegradable and sustainably sourced.

When you're buying conical pop-top tubes bulk, you can trust Green Earth.

Clear Conical Pop Top Tubes

Our clear conical pop top tubes allow you to see what's inside and obviously won't keep out UV rays. But they have the same benefits as the white conical pop top tubes: recyclable, reusable, odor-free, and child-resistant.

Green Earth has a wide selection of wholesale conical pop-top tubes. You can rest assured that Green Earth is the best place for high-quality tubes at a great price. Everyone knows you save money when purchasing conical pop-top tubes in bulk. When you're looking to buy conical pop-top tubes, Green Earth has you covered.

Through recycling, reuse, biodegradation, or other forms of eco-friendly disposal, Green Earth emphasizes sourcing and selling only products that help to reduce our industry's impact. When you opt for Green Earth products, you become part of the more comprehensive solution by utilizing more sustainable packaging and engaging in more responsible ways to discard or repurpose your pop-top tubes. Our clear and white conical pop top tubes are 100% recyclable. We ensure that you, and your end client, are contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.

Our eco-friendly tubes are easy to recycle, but they're also so durable and useful customers often reuse them instead. Customers can repurpose them to organize things around the house or for crafting supplies, hardware (screws/nuts/bolts), and more. Finding other uses for and extending the lifespan of our conical pop-top tubes helps the environment.


The pièce de résistance is customization. Our custom packaging lets you transform a plain conical pop-top tube into a unique product that stands out on the retail shelf. You have your logo boldly down the side of a pop-top tube or opt for a custom design that wraps around the entire tube. Or, if you aren't 100% certain what you want, you can work with our highly creative design team for fresh ideas. When you go the extra mile to put your product in custom tubes, customers are confident that they're purchasing a product made with care.

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