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Tamper Evident Biodegradable Packaging Symbol 0.5in x 2.75in Dogbone Sticker Labels

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0.5in x 2.75in
1000 Count

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0.5in x 2.75in










As climate change continues to threaten the fate of the human race, sustainability has become a hot topic among many communities. Given that the business community has a significant effect on climate change, company owners have an imperative role in reducing their carbon footprints. Industries are a considerable part of environmental degradation due to their reliance on resources, fossil fuels, and land for perpetual fabrication and packaging of products.

For this reason, using sustainable business practices is crucial for the future of the environment. While this may be apparent, following the correct approach when adopting a green business lifestyle is a significant consideration that many entrepreneurs overlook.

Business sustainability is operating a firm without negatively impacting the environment. There are several techniques business owners can employ to ensure they remain profitable while protecting the environment. Using biodegradable packaging is perhaps the best way for companies to ensure they stay profitable when playing their role in mitigating environmental damage.

Due to the great lengths that environmentally aware companies go to ensure they use biodegradable packaging, properly labeling the type of packaging used is of utmost importance. The biodegradable sticker labels in our store help businesses showcase their efforts towards conservation by correctly branding eco-friendly packaging products. Doing this helps green companies distinguish themselves as the firms working to build a sustainable future.

Tamper-Evident Biodegradable Sticker Labels

While biodegradable packaging products are crucial for green businesses, picking suitable sticker labels to showcase this is also essential. Not only do these labels display a company's dedication towards environmental conservation, but they also show consumers how to dispose of the products and packaging. Furthermore, the tamper-evident biodegradable sticker labels sold in our store assist in revealing any interference with the contents of the packaging.

The tamper-evident biodegradable business sticker labels we sell meet all necessary packaging standards. Hence, they are great candidates for sealing packaging products across diverse markets, even in industries with the most stringent regulations. Therefore, entrepreneurs from various fields can utilize these eco-labels to distinguish themselves from the competition and display vital information about the packaged products.

Furthermore, every order of tamper-evident packaging sticker labels from our store comes with one thousand individual tags. Doing this can benefit businesses as purchasing wholesale tamper-evident biodegradable sticker labels is cost-efficient and incredibly practical.

Another advantage of buying tamper-evident biodegradable sticker labels in bulk is the added convenience you get when making returns or changing order specifications. Making bulk purchases from a wholesale store such as ours makes it easier and less costly to make alterations in orders, exchange products, or return them.

The labels are each 0.5 inches wide and 2.75 inches long. Although this may seem minuscule, these dimensions ensure our tamper-evident biodegradable brand sticker labels are a perfect fit for many eco-friendly packaging products. Therefore, these labels are ideal for businesses with multiple green packaging items.

What's more, securing the tamper-evident biodegradable branded sticker labels to your packaging products is fast and easy. To install, attach one end of the adhesive to the lid and the other end to the body. Doing this will secure the label such that it will rip if opened before the point of sale.

Once attached to the packaging, no one can unseal the tamper-evident biodegradable sticker labels without leaving evidence of tampering. For this reason, these seal labels are ideal for securing perishable products that can easily be contaminated. Moreover, every order of tamper-evident biodegradable sticker labels from our store comes in an efficient rollout format that allows easy application.

There are many advantages of using tamper-evident sticker label seals when packaging products. Apart from the apparent benefit of preventing goods from being opened before purchase, biodegradable tamper-evident seals also help build confidence among customers. Using these labels provides an extra level of confidence to consumers, especially for food products.

Furthermore, businesses need to invest in biodegradable tamper seals to help promote sustainability and conservation. Although this may not be a cheap endeavor, it is quite frankly the right way to go. Plus, using biodegradable seals will help your business appeal to new environmentally aware clients.


Since investing in biodegradable sticker labels is more costly than single-use products, you should have the liberty to brand them. Using custom packaging is a step in the right direction, but incorporating custom sticker labels will help seal the deal.

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