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Screw Top Flat Smooth Matte Plastic 50/400 Lids

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White - GJ1T6-WCAP | Black - GJ1T6-BCAP


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If you’re in the business of selling any goods, then the cost of everything that comes from post-production quickly adds up. Packaging, too, especially when compliance regulations. Whether you’re producing medication or some food item, your company is probably seeking both a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution to package your goods.

Medical fields, specifically, are often facing strict compliance regulations for obvious reasons. Child-resistant packaging is necessary for doctors and pharmacies when providing pharmaceutical prescriptions to patients. As many medications contain ingredients that can be harmful to children, medical vials often need child-resistant caps.

As the medical industry continues to combat climate change and pollution, there’s a dire need to switch to sustainable packaging, and Green Earth Packaging is here to help. Our collection of lids, including screw top flat smooth matte plastic 50/400 lids for straight-sided recyclable jars, are precisely what every business needs. The bottles themselves a short and cute, but the matte coloring, in either black or white, provides a classic look to your store’s aesthetic. Plus, the plethora of options available for customization is readily available. Whether it’s black or white, you can spruce up the simplicity of the lid by slapping your business’ logo on there.

Any business shifting towards sustainable packaging is also looking for compliance regulations. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the two but rest assured, our recyclable flat matte 50/400 caps with liner will meet your needs. As a leader in recyclable packaging, Green Earth takes pride in bringing sustainable solutions for businesses and remaining conscious of compliance needs. These are 100% recyclable and BPA-free materials. The child-resistant technology makes these an ideal buy for any pharmacy or company that uses ingredients that kids shouldn’t be able to access.

Flat Matte Black 50/400 Cap With Liner

Every jar needs a lid. If you’re trying to bring the classic black look onto your shelves or into your inventory, then a flat matte 50/400 cap with liner purchase in bulk should be a perfect accompaniment. There’s a vast selection of options for wholesale jars that you could choose from that are meant to match the 50/400 thread lids.

Screw top flat matte 50/400 jar lid with liner are reusable products, along with their matching jars. They are BPA-free material and child-resistant technology to lock in your products and keep them safe. Bulk purchase of flat matte 50/400 lid with liner is available on Green Earth Packaging with accompanying bottles.

Additionally, there are customizable options for flat matte plastic 50/400 cap with liner that can liven up the looks of your products.

Flat Matte White 50/400 Cap With Liner

Most pharmacies will hand over bottles of medications with a flat matte 50/400 jar lid with liner in white. They have a classic, standard, and neutral look in many industries, from health and wellness to food and beverage. White wholesale flat matte 50/400 cap with liner are available in Green Earth’s selection of jar lids. Additionally, a screw-top flat matte 50/400 cap with liner reduces the need to purchase the foam padding separately.

As you seek recyclable and sustainable packaging for your store, you won’t regret stocking up white flat matte 50/400 caps with liner in bulk.


Whether you’re looking for a black or white screw top, there’s always a way to personalize your packaging to suit your business. Brand awareness is a critical component in growing companies, so bringing your logo to packaging is an easy and effective way to leave an impression on your customer and their friends. With our custom packaging options, you can take one of these flat matte 50/400 caps and design it. We have plenty of opportunities for custom bags to custom caps that you could consider before checking out.

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derrick faust
Great Lid - Fantastic Company

I will be doing all of my lid purchases via this company. Thank you!!