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Double Wall Small Clear Acrylic Plastic Jars w/ White Lid

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7 mL - DWC7


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Clear with White Cap


Acrylic (Acryrex PMMA) Jar / ABS Plastic Cap


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Our double-wall acrylic plastic jars are the dream packaging. These jars are not only versatile, but they are exceptionally aesthetically attractive. The actual container that holds the product rests within a second wall (hence the double-wall name) that flares at the opening of the product and then taper down. The double-wall allows for extremely protective packaging for your product.

Another bonus? These jars are recyclable packaging! When your customer is ready to dispose of them, they simply need to recycle as they would any plastic products.

However, before discarding these recyclable small double-wall acrylic plastic jars with lids, we encourage customers to reuse them. Because the design is so appealing, customers can reuse them for various things. They look great around the house for storage, and this is one of the best ways to reduce plastic use.

7mL Small Double Wall Acrylic Jars w/ Lids

Our 7mL small double-wall acrylic jars with lids are the ideal compact storage. These jars can hold up to 1 gram of product. Due to the portable size, customers on the go or travel frequently will find these jars helpful.

Whether slipping the jars into a purse or backpack for day-to-day use or packing for a more extended trip, multiple products can be packaged in empty small double-wall acrylic jars with lids.

Cosmetic brands can find several uses for double-wall jars; for example, they are the perfect size for eyeshadows. The secure lids allow for fine, powdered eyeshadows to be stored without the risk of hard-to-clean spills.

We also recommend the 7mL jars for eyebrow gels. The jars also can be used for lip balms and glosses. Due to the compact and small size, makeup users can easily transport their products for regular touch-ups.

The acrylic plastic jars with lids are also superb for creams and lotions. 7mL is an ideal size for concentrated and delicate creams like eye cream or blemish cream (not to mention the jars look beautiful on vanities). These jars are also odor-resistant, so it keeps any fragrant scents fresh for your customers without leaving a lingering smell.

When you order these plastic jars wholesale, you can also roll out products for artists! Paints fit perfectly in these. Whether it be watercolors, acrylics, oils, and more, your artist customers can mix and match the colors they want!

The 7ml double-walled acrylic jars also can hold glitter, sequins, and glue. Whether for a home crafter customer or professional, they can have this portable and durable packaging for their creative needs.

We also recommend packaging jewelry in these jars. Many customers want resilient packaging for their valuables, and the double walls of this 7mL add that layer of protection. Earrings, small rings, and thin chains all fit perfectly in these plastic jars. The mobility of these jars also makes traveling with jewelry tangle-free and safe.

Clear Small Double Wall Acrylic Jars w/ Lids

When you buy small double-wall acrylic jars with lids, you get clear packaging. Clear packaging looks slender, classy, and understated. Acrylic plastic is highly transparent, and the double walls give the jars a look of sophistication and clarity. Imagine a diamond in acrylic plastic form, and you have a good idea of the classic design the clear jars offer (without that price tag diamonds come with!).

Any colored product will really stand out and be eye-catching, drawing in prospective customers. Customers like to see the intricacies of their product and ensure they are getting what they want. These wholesale jars are the perfect choice for customers who truly value the visibility of goods.

Safety is another essential aspect that clear wholesale small double-wall acrylic jars with lids offer. There are multiple folds that products go through before they hit stores or eCommerce; clear packaging establishes that the manufacturer can verify safety before the product hits retail spaces. Manufacturers and customers can be assured of the security of products.

We recommend purchasing the small double-wall acrylic jars with lids in bulk. When you buy in large quantities, you can ensure that your business will have enough of these beautiful clear jars to hold your product. The last thing you want is to try to distribute products with not enough clear acrylic plastic jars, and ordering in bulk solves any potential problems stocking products before they happen!

As mentioned above, acrylic plastic is recyclable. Acrylic plastic is mostly considered #7 plastic, and customers should recycle this plastic as they would any other similar plastic in their home.


Custom jars are the perfect way to build a memorable brand. The white lids offer a perfect, blank canvas to add any customization your business could want. We also offer custom labeling that can be applied to any side of the jars. We highly recommend individualizing your product, making your company shine in terms of creativity and design.

We encourage individualizing your product with custom packaging, and we are here to help you accomplish your branding dreams. We have an incredibly talented designing team that wants to help create your branding vision. Whether your business has a specific idea or a vague one, we can help bring it to life. If you already have your logo and branding, not a problem! It is as simple as printing your already established emblem to add acrylic double-wall packaging.

We are ready to help you create the perfect customization to elevate your brand!

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