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Child Resistant Recyclable Slide Out Drawer Divider Paperboard Box w/ Press Button

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Child Resistant



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76mm x 115mm


The slide-out drawer divider paperboard box is a multifaceted paperboard box that comes with five dividers so that you can keep your company’s awesome merchandise organized and safe from damage. This product is the perfect solution for securely storing small, thin products that typically come in multipacks. The discreet simplistic color schemes – creamy white or matte black – are easy to customize and never go out of style. This particular storage box comes in one size with a total length of 121 millimeters and has enough space to fit 109-millimeter-long items. What’s nice about these sustainable packaging boxes is that they are made completely out of paperboard/cardboard, which is 100% recyclable and reusable. Once finished with your products, your customers can easily contribute to a more sustainable planet by recycling the boxes either at a local recycling facility or placing it in a recycling receptacle upon disposal. If you’re looking to spice up the shelves at your establishment with some fantastic wholesale paperboard boxes that will help you and your customers lower your impacts, we’ve got you covered.

Not only are these paperboard boxes functional and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also highly eco-friendly. This recyclable packaging is safe for reuse, which allows customers to keep your brands packaging for longer, meaning your branding sticks around in their peripheral. While our boxes are fully recyclable as long as they’re clean, we always advise our customers to check with their local recycling facility to find out what can and can’t be recycled.

Furthermore, the container packaging on our site that you see is also third-party tested by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – an agency that regulates the safety of consumer products. We take pride in our products, which is why we subject our sustainable products to such rigorous testing and certifications. Our mission starts with making sure we curb our impact on the planet with our sustainable packaging and it extends to the peace of mind of your end consumers. Our CPSC certified paperboard drawer boxes are one of the simplest ways to make the switch to secure, sustainable packaging practices.

Child-Resistant Paperboard Drawer Boxes

Our child-proof paperboard drawer boxes are a great way to ensure your items will be safe and secure for customers with children. Although we can’t fully say it’s “child-proof,” it’s surely child-resistant packaging that’s also child-resistant US 16 CFR 1700.20 certified, which means that under the CPSC standards, our CR paperboard drawer boxes pass the test. With our paperboard boxes, you’re getting sustainable packaging that’s also child-resistant compliant – a major safety requirement in many industries. In addition to sustainability, we emphasize safety when developing our products; our team wants to give all our customers’ peace of mind when they purchase anything from us. If you’re looking to acquire paperboard boxes in bulk that check all of those aspects off your list, these are the ones for you.

Black Paperboard Drawer Boxes

Whether you’re looking to be discreet, minimalistic, or add a little timeless style to your product packaging, the black paperboard container is the ideal product. This cardboard packaging is made with recyclable materials and ensures that your products will be kept organized and safe inside. Since this paperboard packaging is recyclable and reusable, it’s important to know how to properly dispose of these containers. First and foremost, you’ll want to get in contact with your local recycling plant and inquire what their recycling protocol is; since our product is completely recyclable, the part that matters most is making sure it ends up in the correct recycling receptacle. The black paperboard drawer box is the ideal box to acquire if you’re looking to purchase paperboard boxes in bulk; our paperboard box wholesale prices are second-to-none.

White Paperboard Drawer Boxes

White paperboard box packaging is an alternative to the darker aesthetic and adds a lighter style to any branding. This paperboard divider box still provides amazing discretion, protection, and style to your brand like the black one, though. With our white paperboard boxes you’re getting a colorway that brightens up your shelves and adds a cleaner aesthetic to your establishment. It’s fantastic recyclable packaging that any business would love to have in their establishment. Having sustainable packaging on your shelves can only help your business; that’s why we provide paperboard boxes wholesale that are recyclable and reusable.


Regardless of the color you decide to go with for your paperboard containers, you can customize them however you like. Our team makes it easy for you to customize your paperboard packaging box with the help of our custom packaging design department. We like to offer you the artistic freedom to make your vision come to life with our custom packaging options. If you want your brand to stand out on the shelves online, enticing packaging is a must, and these boxes' simplistic and flat shapes and colors make it easy to take customization in whatever direction you’re thinking of. We make your product packaging dreams a reality; our team’s number one priority is making sure that anyone who works with us is left feeling good about their purchase when they get their items customized by us. Nowadays, not only should you have environmentally-friendly packaging, but you should also have eye-catching labeling (well, that last one’s been true for a long time, but in a world increasingly filled with similar products, the need for unique packaging continues to rise). Having a distinctive logo or design is mandatory to thrive in any industry these days.

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