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Child Resistant Recyclable Push & Turn Flat Smooth Ocean Plastic 53/400 Lids w/ Graphic & Liner

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Ocean Reclaimed
BPA Free
Child Resistant
Custom Labeling
Black - SCRORB53400 | White - SCRORW53400


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Our easy to open, certified recycled ocean plastic lids are leading the way in sustainable and eco-friendly branding. The simple push and turn lids make unscrewing these caps simple, yet despite this ease our lids are certified child-resistant by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The lids are made from recycled ocean plastic and are completely recyclable when your customer is ready to dispose of them. You could say our lids are as close to sustainable as you can get! With FDA approval for food safety and sustainability, businesses can market these lids as safe and environmentally conscious.

We recommend pairing the lids with our equally eco-friendly glass wholesale jars. These jars are also recyclable for the complete, sustainable package! Keep reading to learn about these revolutionary lids’ features!

Child-Resistant Recycled Ocean Plastic Lids

These lids are certified by the CPSC, making them Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) compliant. Child-proof recycled ocean plastic lids have actually been put to the test by third parties to verify their child-resistancy. Our CR recycled ocean plastic lids are not only eco-friendly, but family and child-friendly, as well. These lids’ closure mechanisms have been tested with real children under the age of five to verify their security and certify them as CR. We take the safety of your customers’ littles ones very seriously, which is why we have an entire collection of various child-resistant packaging.

53/400 Recycled Ocean Plastic Lids

Don’t worry; you are not back in math class when you read “53/400.” These numbers just indicate the threading inside of and the size of the lid. The 53/400 lids made with ocean plastic fit on any 53/400 jar! We sell our ocean plastic lids in bulk that pair with equally environmentally-conscious jars. Your company can enjoy containers made from reclaimed plastic and enjoy a complete recyclable packaging experience.

Our 53/400 lids also come equipped with a foam liner which allows the lids to keep the contents of jars fully airtight and odor resistant. No one likes unsealing a jar and finding their flower or food has lost flavor and scent.

White Recycled Ocean Plastic Lids

We offer recycled ocean plastic jar lids in a creamy white shade that offers a simplistic look. This top goes great with clear recycled ocean plastic packaging jars or glass jars. The white is easy to customize, as well! We also recommend that companies let their customers know about upcycled ocean plastic lids. This basically means the lids can be used to create something new and fun when your customer is done using them! They can donate them to a school for kids to paint on and make ornaments and decorations, which can also be done at home! This is just one example of how easy the white lids are to upcycle. When your customer is ready to dispose of the lids, they simply need to check where their neighborhood accepts plastic for recycling drop off or, if they have a curbside service, they need only add these lids to their regular plastic recycling.

Black Recycled Ocean Plastic Lids

Our ocean plastic lids also come in a classy matte black color. This gives packaging a smooth and crisp look that customers cannot resist. These ocean waste plastic lids can add a cohesive aesthetic when paired with a black jar, or allow labeling to pop on a clear jar! Recycled ocean plastic packaging is given a simplistic and elegant look with the black lid color. This hue offers a more discreet vibe, for the customer that prefers their products to be kept more private. Businesses can also pair the black lids with the white (see above) to create fun product rollouts with dynamic packaging.


Wholesale ocean plastic lids are extra special when they get customized! Let us work with your business to create a unique custom lid. Jar lids made with ocean plastic already have the sustainability side of marketing but we recommend adding your company’s personal touch. Our lids come with embossed graphics that clearly show consumers how to open the secure jars! Any other graphics can be customized to fit with your business’s branding. Custom packaging is a must for setting your personal brand apart from other businesses. You’ll catch their eye with logos, labels, and customization and keep their eye on you with the sustainability and environmentally-aware packaging you are using.

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