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Child Resistant Recyclable Push N Slide Out Plastic Container

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Clear - SBCLR4261 | Black - SBBB4261


Child Resistant



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Green Earth's recyclable plastic slider box is perfect for displaying your products. Clients can get an up-close look at the quality of your product while preserving its freshness. Our convenient push-and-slide opening allows for quick switching out products for featured display. Create a modern and sophisticated showcase with this certified plastic slider box.

Our slider boxes are perfect for sticky and viscous contents. Mason jars and freezer bags played a massive role in storage until recently. But, the slightest bit of humidity can alter everything from the flavor to the potency of the contents.

Our Push' n Slide Out containers are vital for storage consistency. Some products can be too sticky to place inside a glass jar or Ziploc bag. Anything with a dense texture glues itself to the inside of glass or plastic bags without parchment paper. Our containers solve that problem effortlessly.

Push 'n Slide containers are excellent short-term storage options for consumers. Our plastic containers are also made with recyclable packaging. Green Earth is proud to be at the forefront of our industry using recyclable and sustainable products.

Child Resistant Plastic Slider Box

Our plastic slider box and mini slider box are CPSC certified under 16 CFR Part 1700.20 as child-resistant. Green Earth takes pride in its commitment to child-resistant packaging. We put a priority on keeping children safe. A child-proof plastic slider box must be difficult for kids' to access but still manageable for adults and seniors to open. Our containers store easily are discreet while meeting child-resistant requirements. Our child-resistant containers hold your product perfectly, and they meet all compliance regulations. Compliance packaging is becoming more common and more necessary for various products.

Clear Plastic Slider Box

Keeping contents fresh often goes hand in hand with being odor resistant. Our container packaging achieves this many of our products. Whether it's small plastic containers with flip lids or slide-out box packaging, we make sure our clear plastic slider box shows off your product, is appealing, safe, effective, and durable.

Black Plastic Slider Box

When you're shopping for wholesale plastic slider boxes, know that Green Earth has you covered -- we offer a wide selection of sizes and colors for all of our products. When buying plastic slider boxes in bulk, check out our high-quality plastic packaging. You can choose from a wide combination of features: child-resistant, odor-free, tamper-evident, attractive, and durable. We have a range of sizes available too – from the small and compact to larger sizes.


Buying our slider boxes doesn't have to be the end of the transaction. If you have ideas for branding, we can help you customize your slide-out box. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond. Providing custom packaging options so you can create the perfect custom containers is one of many services we offer. We want your slide-out box to stand out from the crowd. And, if you know you want customization or branding but don't have a specific vision, our fabulous design team is here to offer suggestions and guidance.

Maintaining integrity and quality is necessary for storing any number of products. That's why our slider box is perfect for any manufacturer who wants to enjoy their product without compromise.

Green Earth is your one-stop shop to purchase supplies wholesale. We offer a wide array of containers available to meet all your needs, whether it's simply organizing or stocking shelves.

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