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Child Resistant Biodegradable Pinch N Flip Hinged Top Black Plastic Container

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Black - PNF84BB


Child Resistant





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Front: 40mm x 55mm; Back:40mm x 65mm


Our biodegradable hinged containers are a sustainable and eco-friendly way to set your product and brand apart from the competition. The patented Pinch N Flip closing mechanism allows for simple yet secure storage for whatever product you offer! The hinged lids ensure you’ll never have to worry about losing the top to the container, and our biodegradable plastic hinges can be opened over and over again with minimal wear-and-tear. We offer these wholesale biodegradable hinged containers for bulk purchase to guarantee that your company gets the correct amount of hinged lid containers you’ll need for any current or future product rollout.

Our certified biodegradable hinged containers are Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-grade and food-approved, meaning that any food product will be kept fresh in flavor and taste. Food-approved plastic also means that any ingestible products will be safe from plastic contaminants. The container packaging has been certified biodegradable by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM D5511). Biodegradable packaging is one of the best packaging that uses plastic. Instead of sitting in a landfill or eventually ending up in the ocean to cause environmental harm, the plastic we use will biodegrade and will not leave a physical remnant to harm the planet.

Not only are these containers certified biodegradable, but the International Organization for Standardization also certified our hinged containers as child-resistant (ISO 8317: 2015). The hinged container packaging is also compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). We have several certifications and so much information on our child-resistant (CR) product that we had to create a whole section for it (see below)! That is just how seriously we take the safety of your customers and their families. When you purchase our biodegradable hinged containers in bulk you can know they are made with the environment and the individual in mind.

Child-Resistant Biodegradable Hinged Containers

We are proud to offer CR biodegradable hinged containers that have been third-party tested to verify the security and safety of your little ones! No one can offer 100% child-proof biodegradable hinged containers, but ours have been tested extensively to substantiate child-resistance. In these tests children under five are given our small hinged lid containers and left unsupervised to see if they could open the tops within a short window of time. The goal is for the package to be difficult enough that the child either gives up or a parent/caregiver intervenes “within a reasonable amount of time,” which is 5 to 10 minutes for most testing organizations. Our Pinch N Flip technology was certified child-resistant (16 1700.15 & 16 1700.20) after these tests were run successfully.

Your company and customers can be assured that all the child-resistant packaging we offer is compliant under parameters set by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). Our biodegradable hinged containers are easy to open for adults yet prevent children from accessing them and potentially digesting anything harmful within. All the testing and certifications we acquire are extremely important to us when we put out a product. We want your business to know that you are getting top quality in not only material, but in security.

Black Biodegradable Hinged Containers

Our black biodegradable hinged containers are 88mm x 49mm, so they are wonderfully portable and traveler friendly. The containers fit easily in purses and pockets, which makes them ideal for your customers that are on-the-go. The hinged top plastic containers are the perfect size for several uses; one of the most useful is that of carrying pills or supplements. We also recommend carrying small candies or gummies in these containers; the height and width allow a moderate amount of either. One of the other great uses for these black plastic containers are for toiletries; cotton swabs, tweezers, and more.

We encourage customers to reuse their hinged Pinch N Flip containers whenever they have used all the product inside, but when they are ready to dispose of our black plastic biodegradable packaging, there are a couple different ways to go about it. Many of your customers' local recycling plants will have the proper composting facilities to compost biodegradable packaging! This means that they will not have to go out of their way to compost, and it can just be business as usual on chore day. Another option your composting customers have is to compost the containers themselves! Under the right home-composting conditions, these biodegradable plastic containers can decompose. We know the environmentally-conscious consumer always has ways of going greener on their minds, and our biodegradable black containers are perfect for attracting them.

Our biodegradable hinged containers come in the incredibly sleek and discreet matte black. The matte gives the packaging an all around classy and understated look. We all know that black matches any color, so your customers can display the hinged containers in any room of their residence, in their luggage, and on their person. The matte black also makes customization look amazing, so any branding is sure to make a statement!


One of the best things about our recyclable packaging is that the Pinch N Flip black containers can be 100% customized. We know that when your business was created there was a clear vision and brand that was imagined. We provide unique labeling and branding for your company that will set you apart; the best way to create a distinctive business is to have one-of-a-kind custom packaging.

Small hinged containers are perfect for customization because the size and shape allows adaptable labeling/branding. This can range from simple colored lettering with your company name in numerous fonts to lid-to-base brand coverage. Whatever the aesthetic, front, labeling, etc. that your company desires is something we will work with you to provide. These hinged plastic boxes come in black, which instantly make any color pop, and our matte finish allows for hard-to-rub-off customization.

We understand and respect your brand’s passion for standing out, and we know how much hard work goes into designing a logo and emblem. Our customization service is here to ensure that our biodegradable hinged top containers are brought to life by your personal branding.

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