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Biodegradable Packaging Symbol 0.375in x 5in Rectangular Sticker Labels

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0.375in x 5in
1000 Count

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0.375in x 5in










When businesses commit to fighting for climate change and environmental challenges, they must ensure that every aspect of their business is investing in greener practices. However, there's a need to be incredibly conscious when making that commitment because sometimes, it's the littlest of things that turn into the most significant contributions towards pollution.

Packaging for businesses typically ships with the company's label, but if your goal is to help spread awareness surrounding environmental causes, including the types of packaging you're using, it's time to consider getting some biodegradable packaging symbols. It's a perfect reminder that tells your customers that your business cares about the environment.

Every business should consider the environment in their decision-making. After all, it's businesses of all kinds that contribute to high levels of pollution, especially those providing goods. Packaging is one of the highest contributors to environmental decay, though making a transition towards sustainable packaging is critical towards creating change in your community. Bringing biodegradable packaginginto your inventory is a significant selling point, as well.

The biodegradable labels are also environmentally-friendly, made of 100% BPA-free material with tear-resistant quality.

Biodegradable Rectangular Sticker Labels

Green Earth Packaging puts pride in bringing green-friendly packaging to businesses, but we also implement that same mindstate with sticker labels, such as biodegradable rectangular business sticker labels. We hold plenty of recyclable and reusable packaging options. Our rectangular biodegradable sticker labels are a solid addition to your cart to remind your customers of your stance on the environment. After all, so many businesses are making commitments to their communities, so there's no better way to remind your customers than with biodegradable rectangle sticker labels.

Biodegradable rectangular sticker labels in bulk will allow you to place a sticker on each of your packages to bring a sense of trust to your customers. Available in boxes of 1000, these wholesale biodegradable rectangular sticker labels are not only environmentally friendly as well, but they're cost-efficient.

Each biodegradable rectangle sticker label comes in a perfect size to place on any product. They're rectangular with a length of 0.375in and a width of 0.5in.

While some businesses are more forthcoming than others when it comes to their environmental efforts, using biodegradable rectangular branded sticker labels can work as a brand logo in helping raise awareness towards similar causes in your community. Overall, biodegradable rectangular brand sticker labels are the way to ensure to your customers that their products come in a sustainable package.


Bringing biodegradable stickers into the fold is easy, but at Green Earth, we also help provide businesses with opportunities to help raise brand awareness. Our rectangular labels are available as custom sticker labels, as well. Our selection of custom packaging allows companies to spruce up their products with environmentally sustainable options.

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