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Biodegradable Packaging Symbol 1in Circular Sticker Labels

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Our quarter-size biodegradable packaging symbol is 1 inch in diameter, making them the perfect label for any size packaging! We know that oftentimes your business spends extra resources, time, and money to create eco-friendly packaging. It costs more to develop biodegradable packaging than to make one-use packaging, and the fact that you are putting in that effort should be highlighted. Customers look for environmentally conscious containers, and what better way to let them know yours is biodegradable packaging ;than with these stickers? Your business deserves for customers to see that you are putting in the work to offer sustainable options, and the sticker labels are an easy way to let them know that! The multiple benefits of using our stickers make them a must-have.

Biodegradable Circular Sticker Labels

There are many advantages of packaging with these biodegradable circular brand sticker labels. As said above, it highlights your own company’s commitment to sustainability. Eco-labeling also influences consumers to purchase products that are biodegradable in general. If customers choose between your product with the circular biodegradable sticker labels and a similar product with no labeling, they are more likely to choose your product. Consumers undoubtedly value biodegradable packaging over one-use containers, so your product stands out. This creates a positive recall whenever a customer sees your product; they are also likely to recommend it to friends that also value lowering their environmental packaging impact. When customers are influenced towards your sustainable packaging, it sends a ripple effect through any packaging they might get. Once consumers know what labels to look for, they are more likely to seek those similar labels in all aspects of their purchasing life. Your business can positively influence consumer behavior with simple biodegradable circular branded sticker labels.

These sticker labels ;are also necessary for educating customers on biodegradability and how to dispose of their containers. It explicitly lets customers know how to dispose of your packaging properly; when buyers see the biodegradable circle sticker labels, it lets them know the packaging will not end up in a landfill. In a clear font, the two-worded label states, “Biodegradable Packaging.” It’s short and sweet to alert customers immediately. Our labels also come with a triangle graphic made of arrows, the universal symbol for sustainable disposal.

When your company chooses to buy biodegradable circular sticker labels in bulk, you receive a roll with 1,000 stickers. As you use the stickers, simply unwind the roll to access more! This ensures fast labeling, as the parchment the stickers come on allows them to be removed easily. The affordable wholesale biodegradable circular sticker labels enable your company to have all the necessary labels you need for product rollout. We know how important it is to make sure all the sustainable packaging is labeled to provide continuity for all products, and our ordering process makes that simple. Ordering in bulk also allows for your business to have multiple stickers on one packaged product. Due to how packages can be displayed, it can be beneficial to place a few stickers strategically on a single package. This makes sure potential customers will not miss your eco-friendly label! When you order in bulk, you can rest easy knowing any branding needs regarding the stickers will be taken care of.

If a customer chooses to upcycle and reuse your packaging (which is ideal), they might not want to keep the sticker since they already know that the container is biodegradable. Therefore, if your customers wish to remove the stickers once they purchase the product, they simply need to peel them up. If a sticker is more stubborn, simply use a cloth with some rubbing alcohol to remove it.


These biodegradable circular business sticker labels come with a simplistic design to ensure it fits with multiple styles and colors of packaging. The sticker is white and minimalistic, so it aesthetically fits seamlessly onto the packaging. However, we do offer branding options to create custom sticker labels! We know your business spends lots of time creating custom packaging, and we are here to work with you to create the perfect branding you need!

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